How You Can Get A Good Indoor Workout In NYC

The trick is to do workouts that utilize just your body weight, or a simple apparatus.

Indoor Workout NYC

In New York City, space is at a premium. So much so, that typically the more of it you have the more you pay for it. We’re talking sometimes thousands of dollars per square foot! So, naturally when one is a young professional just starting out, their space isn’t expected to be very large.

That said, it begs the question if one can truly get a good home workout in such a tiny space? The answer; yes!

The trick is to do workouts that utilize just your body weight, or a simple apparatus and you’ll be able to apply this to your tiny NYC hotel room or your small apt in the town you’re from.

Here’s my go to of Home indoor workouts:


Great for toning the arms and core, and this exercise utilizes a very narrow amount of space in any situation, is great on the go and doesn’t require anything except the will to do them. Aim for 4 sets of 15-20.


Similar to the push-up in that it utilizes a narrow amount of space and no equipment, the sit-up is also a great go to during a commercial break, on vacation or when you just want to start toning those abs. Feeling ambitious; add weight to it and really feel the burn. AIm for 3 sets of 25.  


This will get your heart rate going and is an awesome add on to turn your standard exercise session into a mini cardio one. The jumping jack is a great total body workout. IF you’re really feeling ambitious, add a jump rope and increase the difficulty level. Aim for 5 minutes of either jumping jacks or jump rope.


This takes up the same amount of space as the push-up and gets the heart rate up! I love this one on my fat burning workout days! It’s a really great core workout as well. Shoot for 1 min rounds and try to do it 4 times each.

Ready for fun? Incorporate all 4 of the above in a 26 min indoor home workout routine. Do each exercise for 1 min for a 4 min round. Repeat 6 Times. Break as needed.

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