Explore The Extraterrestrial & Existential World Of Florida In “We Are The Ants”

Contemplate the meaning of our lives and the possibility of life in outer space in Shaub David Hutchinson’s “We Are Ants.”

We Are Ants
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There are many that have the world in the palm of their hands. From musicians creating the soundtracks of our lives to actors mastering the art of storytelling for crowds to enjoy, these artists shape our culture, but none quite like Henry Denton.

After being repeatedly abducted by aliens, a Florida teen is presented with a harrowing decision and an ordinary red button. Henry can press the button which will destroy the Earth, or spare the planet by opting to do nothing. What would someone, who feels like an ant in a colony waiting to swallow it whole, choose to do?

Author Shaun David Hutchinson explores a head-on approach to themes of grief and tragedy that culminate into an honest commentary on the joys and sorrows of humanity. His examination of these ideas through characters created with thought and depth make this novel easy to read and tough to chew on.

After unraveling We Are Ants to witness the decision finally Henry makes, readers can experience the paranormal and human forces that influenced his final choice.

Key Largo, Florida

Florida Keys
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Henry’s home and high school are located in the beach-side city of Calypso, Florida. Readers looking to experience the sandy air of the town in the novel, should visit the Florida Keys at the southernmost edge of the state. These islands are full of experiences and surrounded by beautiful ocean to explore. The uppermost island, Key Largo, is the biggest and a great place to start.

Nature enthusiasts will enjoy Lignumvitae Key Botanical State Park – home to forest and wildlife difficult to find on the other islands. The site is only accessible by a private or tour boat with kayaks available for rent. Visitors can fish, snorkel, or follow guided tours to learn how former inhabitants of the land survived in the area.

Adventurous travelers should consider visiting Jules Undersea Lodge. As the name implies, this lodge provides overnight stays to guest completely underwater. Visitors are encouraged to sit back, enjoy a slice of pizza, and indulge in sea view with family and friends.

Roswell, New Mexico

We Are Ants
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Before Henry is issued his ultimatum, he is visited by aliens, affectionately referred to as the “sluggers,” multiple times. They stress his body through different tests, but the purpose of each visit remains unclear to our protagonist. Each time he is dropped off by the aliens, they leave him undressed and somewhere he didn’t go to sleep.

Of course, when he tries to recount these encounters to the people in his life, they don’t believe his fantastical stories which contribute to his mistreatment at school and strained familial relationships.

Like the townspeople in Henry’s life, there are skeptics about whether or not aliens exist. There have been many claims of extraterrestrial encounters around the United States with varying levels of convince evidence. One particularly interesting possible encounter occurred in New Mexico. Citizens allegedly recovered a crashed extraterrestrial vehicle and possible alien occupants near Roswell in July 1947. Eventually the U.S. Air Force released a report claiming that the recovered materials were from research project code named MOGUL.

Despite the very sound explanations, skeptics remained certain that this event was due to alien contact, and they became determined to prove it. The International UFO Museum & Research Center at Roswell, New Mexico was created and dedicated to the collection and preservation of information related to the 1947 Roswell Incident and other unexplained phenomena related to UFO research.

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