Your Cheat Sheet To The Loire Valley

The Loire Valley, every wine lover’s paradise.

The Loire Valley is famous for its several chateaux, but this region has a second advantage: its vineyards. Home to the most gorgeous, essential, and dynamic vineyards in France, come and discover what this valley has to offer.

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The Loire Valley is situated in the region of the Val de Loire. Following the Loire River, this valley is home to all sorts of hidden gems. To either, visit the chateaux or have a wine tasting, it is preferable to drive there, especially if you are coming from Paris. We suggest planning a road trip! On the way, you will pass through Blois, Orleans, Tours…etc., the perfect opportunity to sightsee. You can also bike or kayak down the river if you wish!

Another option would be to take the train from Paris to Tours, however, you will have to rent a car if you desire to travel in the area.


Fun fact! There are 24 varieties of grapes grown in the Loire Valley. This region is mostly known for its white wines but if you prefer red or rosé, keep reading! Here is our selection of the three vineyards you have to visit!

Domaine Huet – L’Échansonne

11 Rue de la Croix Buisée, 37210 Vouvray, France

This 30-hectare long vineyard is world-renowned for producing the most exquisite white wines from the grape: chenin blanc. Sweet, dry, semi-dry, or sparkling? Take your pick! Founded in 1928 by Victor Huet and his son, this family vineyard is guaranteed to make you fall in love. You can either; visit this ancestral vineyard for a wine tasting or order the wine bottles online. Alongside its famous white wines, this vineyard has a second claim to fame: an agriculture based on organic farming. If you decide to stop by this vineyard, be sure to ask the owners for a tour of the cellar; you will not be disappointed.

The Huet cellar
The Huet cellar.
The Huet Vineyard
The Huet Vineyard.

Le Domaine des Amandiers

2 Rue Moulin Château Gaillard, 49730 Turquant, France

This vineyard near Saumur, is perched on the hills overlooking the Loire River. This domain – constitutes 10 hectares – extends over 3 communes. There is a large list of wines to choose from, such as: Saumur, Saumur-Champigny, Crémant de Loire, and many more. There are three ways in which you can taste the vineyard’s wines: on site, in wine salons (there are 15 per year,) or by ordering them online. The vineyard is a family business; run by a father and his son: Marc and Etienne Rideau. The wines are produced and kept in troglodytic cellars typical of the Saumur region, which you can visit.

The Domain des Amandiers.
The Domain des Amandiers.

Domaine Charles Joguet

La Dioterie, 37220 Sazilly, France

This vineyard founded in 1957 by Charles Joguet, is known for producing 7 or 8 types of wine per year. Whether you like red or white, this domain has both. Comprised of 34 hectares in total, 32 are dedicated to red grapes (cabernet franc) and 2 hectares to white ones (chenin blanc.) The grape harvest is done by hand in a delicate way. The domain offers many choices as you are tasting the wine, including: a tour, having lunch in the cellar, a visit of the harvests…etc. If you are thinking about planning a group vacation, this vineyard can receive up to 40 people per group.

The vineyard has the organic farming certification since 2016.

The Joguet Vineyard
The Joguet Vineyard. FACEBOOK Charles Joguet – vins Chinon
The grapes being harvested manually
The grapes being harvested manually. FACEBOOK Charles Joguet – vins Chinon


Here is our top selection for the restaurants in the valley. This was a hard choice!

Restaurant Les Closeaux

Lieu-dit Les Closeaux, 41400 Vallières-les-Grandes, France

Set in the heart of the vineyards, this lovely restaurant offers you the chance to eat in a bucolic setting. The structure built in the 16th century served as a hunting lodge for the kings at the time. Surrounded by the forest, you can enjoy a meal in total serenity on the outdoor terrace, while also partaking in numerous activities, including: tennis, fishing, hiking…etc. Chef Christophe Lunais offers you a range of local products revisited in his own way. You can enjoy duck filet, creamy goat cheese, veal steak, candid beets or even tarte Tatin paired with a fine bottle of wine. It is a very friendly restaurant which you will not regret eating at.