5 Tips For Creating An Organic Social Media Strategy

Organic social media is still important in 2023 as it can help you build customer relationships, connect with potential clients, and boost sales.

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Additionally, to stay relevant with organic marketing strategy, you must keep up with the platform changes. Whether you want to experience organic Twitch growth, increase your Instagram followers organically, or YouTube subscribers, you will need an excellent social media strategy. Here are a few tips and ideas to help you engage with your audience and create an organic social media strategy.

Identify the Social Media Platforms to Focus On

Before launching your organic social media strategy, choose a platform you will focus on. Identify which platform your brand thrives at by looking at where your target audience spends their most time.

If you need help selecting the right platform, do a quick survey using your existing customers by asking which platform they frequently use. Additionally, you can monitor your competitor’s organic social media platform activity to give you an idea.

Finally, look at the demographics and match your customers. For example, if your goal is to reach US adults between 18 and 29, consider TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Use Influencers and Micro-influencers

Get the right people to engage with your product and spread your brand message rapidly. Influencers and micro-influencers can get the word out rather than sorely depending on your direct audience. They are also great to use to target a specific audience. For instance, a make-up artist influencer can help promote your beauty products to their audience and encourage them to purchase products.

Be Part of Groups and Communities Relevant to Your Brand

Social media platforms like Facebook have groups and communities that are interest or niche-based. Join groups or communities that are relevant to your brand. As a member, contribute by creating meaningful posts, replying to other user’s posts, and asking relevant questions. However, avoid going for the hard sell. Use the groups as a social listening tool for whether your target consumers are talking about your brand or competitors. Ensure you establish your brand’s credibility, and soon enough, you will have people recommending your business as a solution to a member’s need.

Use Visual Media

Creating high-quality visual content can quickly grow your viewers. If you are yet to do it, start by acquainting yourself with Facebook Live. Facebook has a feature that will show you how much engagement you have from this. Plan and upload your videos using social media planning tools, and be consistent and active.

Use a Calendar to Plan Your Organic Social Media Posts

A content calendar is vital to creating your organic social media marketing strategy. It’s a practice that will help you schedule social media content in advance, allowing you to keep your followers engaged. A content calendar helps the brand to create a cohesive strategy, identify content gaps and balance every month’s content to prevent oversharing.

Additionally, it will help you prepare for seasons and holiday posts that will create relevance among your followers. You can use a Father’s Day or Thanksgiving Day sale when the occasion arises.

With an organic social media strategy, you can build your brand’s credibility and awareness and foster audience engagement. The number of social media users is continuing to grow, and as a brand, you must adapt to the changing dynamics. Apply a social media strategy that uses organic and paid ads to build your audience and increase sales.


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