4 Reasons Why The Makeup Show In NYC Was Beyond Makeup

The Makeup Show returns to New York for an in-person spectacular this past weekend.


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Twenty years ago, Eurocentric beauty was the deciding factor of one of the most profitable industries in the world. Now, we have slightly altered its perspective on a massive scale with the help of the beauty industry. The Makeup Show returns to the Big Apple! Since its cancellation during COVID, every visual creative around the world took part in the two-day event this past weekend. Each day was jam-packed with workshops back-to-back displaying a plethora of artistry, education, and most of all, support post-pandemic.

1. Indigenous Beauty Is The Next Step

the makeup show new york

In addition to the collide of science and beauty coming to the forefront of the industry, the demand for more inclusivity continues to rise. This call to action for major companies to not only provide the products but the spaces for POC to expand in markets that previously excluded them is a growing priority. “Indigenous beauty has become really like a trailblazing (market),” says Stephanie Flor, founder of Around The World Beauty. Flor is a celebrity makeup artist who has been in the makeup industry for 14 years. She goes on to express how modern consumers are looking for more than just “pretty packaging,” they are looking for brands that make an impact, “The consumer doesn’t just want stuff—We need to check ourselves and understand why it is we are buying something and the purpose of it.”

2. Becoming Part of the Global Conversation

the makeup show new york

One of the highlights for the weekend was the panel above. Danessa Myricks, James Vincent, Daniel Martin, Michela Wariebi, Matin Maulawizada, along with a sea of creatives came together to discuss the pressing issues that have gone on during the pandemic. From racial unrest to macroaggressions against POC communities, an environment was made to uplift those looking for safe spaces. They even discussed how the future generation will be leading more movements of change.

Uplifting the community was part of the experience throughout the weekend, especially collaborating with POC brands. “It’s important because what you’re doing is elevating one another. You’re showing support—We are leading by example,” says Yanek Proctor, who is a 21-year professional makeup artist and founder of Yani’s Aesthetic. Flor put it simply when asked about collaborations between POC brands, “I think that’s where the magic is—The most powerful thing is when we each collaborate with each ally, like we can’t do it alone.”

3. Pandemic-Proofing Your Business and Mental Health

the makeup show new york

EDUCATION needs to be capitalized because of the amount of information these industry professionals graced their audiences with was astronomical. The majority of workshops at The Makeup Show catered to best equipping artists and creatives with knowledge of the direction of where the industry is heading in this new world. However, there were also workshops on the prioritization of mental health in a difficult industry, such as beauty. The workshop above titled “So What Now? Building Your Strongest Post Pandemic Career,” discussed the importance of finding a strategy to better navigate. The topic was presented by Michael DeVellis from The Powder Group, which offers their services through multiple intensive education programs like this available on their website. He implored the audience to speak on what fulfills them as humans and the things that could be subtracted for personal development.

the makeup show new york

DeVellis led by example by speaking about how his priorities became clearer during the pandemic, which overall improved his anxiety post-pandemic, “I didn’t need the stage, I didn’t need the accolade, I didn’t need the gratitude, I didn’t need to get on a plane. What I needed the most was to be able to provide that life hack for people’s career and relationships. What I needed most was to be given that opportunity to be able to share—This is ‘we are all in this together.’” He continues by expressing how having the right support system to lift up creatives boosts confidence and overall drive to strategize steps forward in their career.

4. A World United, One Transformation At A Time

the makeup show new york
CEO Francis Star of @francisstarcosmetics and TikTok star @theyhatedaboy. Photo by Noelle Weston

A collective of individuals coming together to celebrate all the things that make artistry worthwhile, that is what The Makeup Show represents. It has highlighted issues, educated creatives and as it comes to a close (at least until next year), presented a glimpse into the future of beauty. The energy the exhibitors and organizers put into this weekend was much receive by everyone who attended. Be sure to check their website for details and dates for their next trip to New York!

the makeup show new york
A World United One Transformation At A Time 2. Photo by Noelle W. Pictured: Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist @pepegutierrezoficial and model on International Stage at The Makeup Show

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