4 Irritating Issues That Shouldn’t Put You Off After the First Date

The premise of a first date can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time, no matter how much or how little experience you have. When both sides involved are stressed, it’s easy for the situation to turn into an awkward experience. However, even if some cringe-worthy situations arise, you shouldn’t feel immediately discouraged.

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Sure, it might be annoying if you find yourself on a date without someone who, at first glance, seems to have nothing in common with you. It might be even worse if you can’t find anything to talk about or if your date never stops talking. Do they keep their phone on the table? Or maybe you can hear it vibrating in their pocket for the whole time?

These irritating issues can prove off-putting enough to some people to write off their date completely, but they often forget to consider the fact that when someone gets nervous, they might do things they usually wouldn’t do. For this reason, read our list of four awkward scenarios that shouldn’t necessarily be a cause for resigning from the second date.

They Are Too Reserved

If your date doesn’t laugh at your jokes, seems not that interested in discussing your favorite toys from theadulttoyshop.com, or participating in the conversation altogether, chances are they are not enjoying their time with you very much either. This could lead to awkward silence after every few sentences and make for a dull evening out.

It doesn’t have to mean that they’re being rude. Shyness is perfectly fine, and there’s nothing wrong with it (at least in most cases), but if they aren’t even trying to make an effort to make small talk with you, chances are they aren’t interested in getting to know you better after all.

However, if they seem like they want to be there and would like the evening to continue but seem too nervous to join in on the conversation, try asking them easy questions or making simple statements about your surroundings or surroundings in general. Getting them out of their shell might turn out to be worth the effort.

They Keep Their Phone on the Table

Good manners can help ensure that our first date goes as smoothly as possible. However, your date might happen to be one of those people who finds it hard to leave their phone in their pocket, so they put it on the table – even if it’s off.

It might make you feel like you have to compete with their phone for attention. Of course, it would be perfect if we managed even to leave our phones at home before every date, but there were situations when people just had to keep them on hand.

Despite this, if your date happens to get a call or a text during the time you’re spending together, they should politely excuse themselves and check the message or call once you’re out of the restaurant or coffee shop.

So, while using the phone on a date can be pretty off-putting, you might not want to resign from that person’s company just yet. If they had to take a call or respond to a text message, but the rest of the experience was pleasant and left you longing for more, don’t hesitate to give them a second chance.

They Don’t Ask Questions

Although asking someone about themselves is not the only way to make a good impression, it does help break the ice. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about the weather, job, interests, family, or anything else, you can always find something to say.

After all, it’s not like you need to bombard each other with questions. Just try to initiate and encourage questions about things that interest you, or take notes in your head when your date mentions something that makes them unique. Asking questions is not just about making conversation; it allows both parties to know each other better.

While your date might be too nervous about coming up with something interesting, it doesn’t mean that you should immediately write them off. Give them a helping hand and suggest some interesting topics that might generate questions. Besides, asking questions helps show that you are interested in what they have to say.

They Talk About Religion or Politics

This is one of the most common mistakes that people tend to make on their first date. While these topics can be pretty controversial, talking about them right away probably won’t get you anywhere. Religion and politics are personal topics that can easily lead to an argument or cause hurt feelings or offense.

The best thing to do is avoid them unless both parties are really close or you are sure that the person shares the same beliefs as you do.

A first date is a new beginning, and it’s a fresh start that can either lead to a new friendship or a romantic relationship, depending on how you handle the situation. Whether you have been on a few first dates or have never been on one before, you can still enjoy yourself and have a great time with your date.

Remember not to expect too much from the first date, and if you want it to continue, try your best to make your partner feel comfortable. If you are willing to give it another chance, the second date might turn out to be better than the first one.

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