Why Bordeaux Is Worth Visiting, Here Are The Best Things To Do

“The Pearl of Aquitaine” is a city with many assets, including owning the most prestigious classified Grand Crus since 1855. With a myriad of things to do, it’s best to spend at least four days in Bordeaux.

Bordeaux is known for its prestigious vineyards and châteaux, and many visit “The Pearl of Aquitaine” to taste the freshly harvested wine. In addition to producing some of the finest wines in France, Bordeaux has a rich historical heritage that appeals to everyone, the UNESCO even baptized Bordeaux as “a city of art and history.” As the famous French writer, Stendhal, wrote “Bordeaux is without a doubt the most beautiful city in France.”


Being the capital of the Aquitaine region, Bordeaux is fairly easy to reach from Paris. From Paris Gare Montparnasse, it is a direct 2-hour voyage to Bordeaux Saint Jean and costs between 70 and 140 euros. The drive to Bordeaux is approximately 5 hours but it is the perfect opportunity for a road trip as you pass through Orléans, Tours, and Poitiers. From Bordeaux, you can easily visit the city’s surroundings, including: Arcachon and its bay. Click here to know everything there is to see.


La Cité du Vin

134 Quai de Bacalan, 33300 Bordeaux, France

This building is hard to miss! Shaped like a UFO, La Cité du Vin was built as the world’s first immersive wine experience. Entirely dedicated to the history of wine, la cité comprises of a museum, exhibitions, and projections acting as an informative tour through the world of wine. On the building’s top floor, a belvedere wine bar was unveiled with an amazing panoramic view of Bordeaux. Officially inaugurated in 2016 by France’s former president, François Hollande, the museum was made possible thanks to over 100 advisors from several different countries. Start your visit with an conceptual tour of the vineyards going back to 17th century Japan. The idea behind this eye-opening experience is to show the educational enormity of the wine world and its inclusivity of various countries.

La Cité du Vin
La Cité du Vin. FACEBOOK La Cité du Vin

Le Miroir d’Eau

Pl. de la Bourse, 33000 Bordeaux, France

This is an iconic landmark in Bordeaux! Located on Place de la Bourse, Le Miroir d’Eau was built in 2006 and is the number one attraction in Bordeaux. The architect, Michel Corajoud, designed the superb pool – along with the help of a fountain expert – with a stunning mirror effect that amazes every visitor. In the summer, you will see children playing there as it is a famous meeting place for families. The landmark was even listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since it is the largest water mirror in the world with 3,450 m² of granite stone.

mirroir d'eau bordeaux
Photo by Cab on Unsplash

Wander around Rue Sainte Catherine

Rue St Catherine ends on this square
Rue St Catherine ends on this square. Photo by Valentin Wechsler on Unsplash

Rue Sainte Catherine is the longest pedestrian street in Europe and known as the “spine of Bordeaux!” 1.2 kilometers long and 10 meters wide, the street was pedestrianized in 1984 and every shopaholic’s dream. The northern part of the street is devoted to clothing stores and major brands, while the southern part mostly encompasses regional shops, restaurants, and cafés. Rue Sainte Catherine stretches through the city from Place de la Comédie to Place de la Victoire. Besides the endless boutiques, the street is lined with typical bordelaise architecture. Online shopping is easy, but sometimes braving the crowd and being in the action is worth it! Although we would not recommend heading there on busy Saturdays.


Restaurant le 7

134 Quai de Bacalan, 33300 Bordeaux, France

Located in La Cité du Vin on the 7th floor, Restaurant le 7 attracts visitors for its view of Bordeaux and its chef’s cooking. The open-air terrace offers a breathtaking view of Bordeaux and the river traversing through it, La Garonne. However, the real gem of this place is the chef, Nicolas Lascombes. Every dish is uniquely prepared with fresh and regional ingredients. Simple and light, the main courses are designed to leave room for dessert! One of the chef’s passions is wine and offers a beautiful and universal selection of 500 wines, originating from 50 different countries. Be ready for the best meal of your life!