Top 3 Places To Workout While Visiting New York City

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I Love New York! No, seriously I do. I moved here about eight years ago, and have fallen in love with it for so many reasons. The endless array of things always going on, the people watching, the funny things you overhear, the food, the fashion, and the passion of the people. Since moving here, one other thing I’ve fallen in love with more than ever is fitness. I’ve always been in shape and love to workout, but not like I have since moving here.

As a woman on-the-go, I’m always interested in fun, convenient ways to get my workout in. Check out my 3 fave places to work out in New York City and Why I love them!

1. Great Running Areas

workout new york

If you’re visiting New York, have been here 1,000 times or live here, the sights never get old. A great way to take in the view is by running the city. Literally. With so many options of places to run, you’re sure to find your fave place. Try running in Central Park, the Westside Highway at Chelsea Piers, or The Highline, Just to name a few. If you talk to a serious New York runner they’ll probably have a handful of other favorite places. I like the run in Central Park for how serene it is. I like the run at Chelsea Piers because of the water. I like the run on the Highline because of the city views and the uniqueness of this urban park. You seriously can’t go wrong with any of them! *Note, running on the Highline may be better in the morning or evening when it’s less crowded, afternoons are pretty crowded and will disrupt your pace.

2. Gyms with Day passes

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I love my weight training. It’s such a great way to burn fat when combined with cardio and a well balanced diet. When I travel I always want to know if where I’m staying has a gym. If not, I usually travel with my resistance bands to get a good hotel/air band b workout. One of the things I like about Courage Fitness Club is that they feature day passes for people visiting and the staff at this intimate boutique personal training studio/gym are always there to help. The day pass is $10 and they are located in Woodside, Queens. It’s not too far of a trip from the city and will definitely be worth the trip. Check them out online or call 1-929-404-6595 for more information and hours. P.S. Queens has amazing places to eat, so maybe you make a day of it!

3. Martial Arts

workout new york

I’m pretty new to martial arts, but I love it because of its cardio benefits (I wish I could say I loved it on it’s own merits, but I’m not there yet). I typically do it about once per week, and while that’s not a ton of time committed to studying this discipline, it does force me to stay on top of my cardio when I’m not in Jui Jitsu class. I go to a small school located in the LES in the basement of a Rod Rogers dance studio. Class is typically held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 pm. The small group of amazing guys is so helpful and willing to show a newbie all of the techniques so I don’t hurt myself. If Jui Jitsu isn’t for you, take any one of the number of classes offered by the dance school. 62 E 4th St, New York, NY 10003 or 1-212-674-9066

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