How To Explore The North, West, South & East Of Mallorca

The largest of the Baleares Islands of Spain, Mallorca, is a breathtaking paradise with unforgettable sights in every direction.

Spain Mallorca
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Along all of the island’s coasts there are beaches and calas (coves) of all shapes and sizes, so no matter where you decide to visit on the island you will be welcomed with gorgeous slivers of the Mediterranean sea all around. Mallorca’s sunny, laidback towns also add to the backdrop of the perfect, serene holiday.

Here is a guide to the most well-known parts of the island and the attractions that each as to offer, for those planning on treating themselves to some lush vacay time on one of the most heavenly places on earth.

North: Pollença

Pollença is a popular town and municipality in the north, right by the most northern point of the island, Cap de Fomentor. It is surrounded by the majestic mountain peaks of the Sierra de Tramuntana and close to notable ports, bays and beaches.

Cap de Fomentor is famous for having amazing views of cliffs overlooking the beautifully curved Bay of Pollença and Bay of Alcudia. You can climb to the top which will require both driving and walking on foot to take in the serene and inspiring views of mountains, forests and sea all at once.

The beaches up north are just as famous as the cape with Cala Fomentor always making the top lists of must-see beaches in Mallorca and Cala Figuera not trailing far behind. Port de Pollença is also very beautiful with rows of stylish boats lined up on crystal clear waters where you can hang out at the beach or take elegant walks along the shops and streets nearby.

Pollença itself is a rustic medieval town with rows of antique stone buildings, cobblestone streets and lots of history dating back to the Roman and Moorish empires. Pollença is a great destination for those looking for a bit of adventure far away from the bustling capital.

Pollença Mallorca
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Southwest: Palma de Mallorca

Despite being the capital of a small island, Palma is an incredibly active and lively cosmopolitan city which offers a plethora of cultural sights and activities.

The architecture in Palma is impressive as well as romantic and the many different styles of architecture attest to its rich history of multiculturalism. La Seu, the cathedral of Palma de Mallorca and possibly the most well-known attraction of the city, is a breathtaking one-of-a-kind gothic masterpiece as well as one of the most famous cathedrals in Spain after La Sagrada Familia and the cathedral of Burgos. Other architectural attractions in Palma include the Almudiana Palace and the Palma Town Hall.

The city is packed with charming streets boasting stylish and luxurious restaurants, boutiques and hotels. Everywhere you look there are promenades and gardens and palms that embody the beauty of this island paradise. The nightlife in Palma is also brilliant with lots of fabulous bars, discotheques and the Parc de la Mer which hosts open-air concerts and events throughout the year.

Of course the capital of Mallorca wouldn’t be complete without several amazing beach options, the closest and most accessible ones in Palma being Ciudad Jardin and Playa de Palma. These will most likely be the most crowded beaches on the island, but the heavenly stretches of soft white sand and bright blue waters are nonetheless exceptional.

 Palma de Mallorca
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Southeast: Santanyi, Felanitx, Llombards

Many would say that the southeast to southern coast of the island has the most beautiful beaches in all of Mallorca, and this claim is definitely not unfounded. This area is much less crowded than Palma and other regions as most of the towns and beaches are only accessible by car, thus making it more attractive to those who want to avoid high tourist traffic.

Between the east and the south you will find many of the most precious calas, small havens of shallow turquoise water closed in by rocks, well hidden and tucked away. These include Cala Mondragó, Cala Llombards and Cala Pi, which are some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see. Keep in mind that calas tend to be smaller with limited space on the sand because they are closed in so it’s a good idea to get there early if it’s high tourist season. Es Trenc is more traditional beach with more room and a long shoreline which is nice to tan and lounge in, albeit a bit difficult to get to.

The towns in this area are very charming and great to stay in for those who want to observe the places in which local Mallorcans live their day to day lives. Small towns such as Santanyi, Felanitx, Llombards and Porticolom are laidback, sunny coastal towns with low whitewashed buildings and winding streets. For those who want to have a more relaxing and quiet holiday in Mallorca, it’s a great idea to stay at one of the many cozy Airbnb options in a small town which still offers welcoming cafés and restaurants for visitors.

Mallorca Spain
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Northeast: Betlem and Artà

The northeast is also a less crowded area and a good choice for those who don’t want to stay away from tourist traps. Artà is a lovely town in the northeastern point of the island that has a long and lively history dating back to the 13th century and beyond with many influences from the Arab era in Spain. The town features a large fortress and sanctuary, pretty courtyards and squares, and lots of charming houses with tiled rooftops. It is a peaceful and charming place to stay, and good for observing small town locals as well.

Just a bit north of Artà is Betlem, a small settlement right on the coast where you will find many natural bays, calas and hikes. Betlem is quiet and isolated and largely untouched so it’s the perfect place for nature-lovers to swim, hike and explore.

The precious, pristine beaches in this area include S’Arenal de Sa Canova, Cala Torta, S’Estanyol and Cala Mitjana.

 Betlem Mallorca
Photo from Flickr Aina Vidal

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