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Reflections On The Beauty Of National Parks

Reflections On The Beauty Of National Parks

Throughout my nearly 11 months writing with Jetset Times, I have written of rivers and redwoods, recounted the charm of craggy cliffs and cascading cataracts and soliloquized about snow-dusted summits soaring above verdant valleys.

Channel Islands National Park
Here’s Your Travel Guide To Channel Islands National Park

The water is mesmerizing – a dreamy aquamarine hue accented by swirling whitecaps and framed by the golden tan cliffs of Channel Islands National Park, a wild, lonely place along the Pacific coast of southern California.

Devils Tower National Monument
What To See Near Devils Tower National Monument

The giant slab of rock, a huge, grayish stone with rippling irregularities all up and down its face, soars high in the air, looking like a massive tree stump with a missing trunk and branches.