Exploring The Exclusive Vendée Islands Part I: Noirmoutier

Noirmoutier, the most family-friendly island out of the swanky Vendee Islands.

Gem of the Atlantic Coast, Noirmoutier is the kind of place where you feel at home. The Vendée Islands are known to be adored by Parisians, and what isn’t there to love? Bike rides, endless beaches, sunset picnics, windsurfing…etc. Ile de Ré is often considered as more posh in all of the Vendée Islands, while Noirmoutier boasts a similar image but more inclusive. Looking for a refreshing vacation off the coast of France? The idyllic island of Noirmoutier is the perfect destination.


The easiest way to reach Noirmoutier is by car or train. If you are departing from Paris, take the train to Nantes. From there, a bus serves the whole island, and will drop you off wherever you need to go. The landscapes will leave you speechless!

By car, Paris-Noirmoutier is approximately a six-hour ride. To make the car ride further enjoyable, download some great playlists from Jetset Times’ Spotify account, invite some friends, and the trick is done!


Noirmoutier is brimming with great addresses and charming spots. Whether you prefer an adventure-filled vacation or a seaside getaway, this island has something for everyone. Come and discover the wild nature of “Noirmout” (as the locals say!)

Les Marais Salants

Ile de Noirmoutier, 85740 L'Épine, France

Known for the salt produced locally, the salt marshes are spread over one third of the island. The salt is one of the island’s main assets since the 16th century. The sauniers – workers harvesting the salt – offer the possibility to visit the marshes while explaining the whole process of their work. It is an ancestral expertise; the salt is collected manually, as the tradition dictates. Today, there are more than 100 sauniers on the island waiting to share their experience with you. The settings are unique, and definitely worth visiting!

The salt marshes on the island
The salt marshes on the island. FACEBOOK Marais les Angibauds / L’Atelier du Sel

Visiting the island by bike

Another great advantage of Noirmoutier is the possibility to bike everywhere. No cars or metro cards needed! When staying on the island, the only two things you will need are: a bike, and some sunscreen. If you don’t have a bike, then its fine! You can rent one in any town of the island. Noirmoutier has more than 80 kilometres of bicycle lanes; since the topography of the island is levelled, the bike rides are open to everyone. So, either accompanied by friends or family, rent a bike, see some sights, and make memories!

The island favors bicycles over cars
The island favors bicycles over cars. FACEBOOK Communauté de Communes Ile de Noirmoutier


Oyster bars, high-end restaurants, or bistros; Noirmoutier has it all. Often established in pristine settings where nature is queen, enjoy delicious cuisine in a peaceful environment.

La Cabane d’Adrien

Zone ostréicole de la Nouvelle Brille, 85680 La Guérinière, France

This laid-back oyster bar is set in the middle of the marshes. It is the perfect spot to enjoy some freshly caught oysters or seafood platters, on their outdoor terrace. Friendly, spacious, and cozy; the restaurant is ideally placed at the heart of the island on top of all those qualities. The décor is perfectly paired with the atmosphere of the oyster bar, and the ambiance will make you feel at ease. We vividly recommend trying this serene and festive bar, mainly known by locals.

La Cabane d'Adrien noirmoutier
La Cabane d’Adrien. FACEBOOK La Cabane d’Adrien
The terrace
The terrace. FACEBOOK La Cabane d’Adrien

Le Café Noir

4, quai Cassard, 85330 Noirmoutier-en-l'île

A must-eat in Noirmoutier! This cozy little place is both a café and a restaurant, adored equally by locals and tourists. Overlooking the channel, Le Café Noir is in the middle of the island’s most active town. Near the outdoor market, and the carousel, appreciate a much-needed coffee break or a simple lunch on their terrace. The interior is beautifully decorated and modern, which gives the bistro an overall refined look. All year long, enjoy some delicious oysters, beef tartar, warm goat cheese salad, and codfish. The whole dining experience is encapsulated in a pleasant ambiance.

The exterior of Le Café Noir
The exterior of Le Café Noir. FACEBOOK Le Café Noir Noirmoutier
The interior. FACEBOOK Le Café Noir Noirmoutier


Whether you prefer staying at a hotel, camping or a bed-and-breakfast, this 49-kilometer island provides all of the above.

Le General d’Elbée

2 Place d'Armes, 1 Quai Cassard, 85330 Noirmoutier-en-l'Île

This luxurious hotel is ideally placed in the middle of the island, near Le Café Noir, overlooking the channel. Set in an 18th century edifice, the hotel offers 25 well-lit, and beautifully decorated rooms. Enjoy the festive garden – with a view on the ancient church – and a heated pool in the center of it. The most important thing on vacation is treating yourself, this four-star hotel offers the possibility to relax in the renowned Nuxe spa, including: a steam room, sauna, showers…etc. Charm, luxury, and serenity; come unwind at this beautiful seaside hotel!

noirmoutier hotel
One of the rooms. FACEBOOK Le Général d’Elbée – Hôtel & Spa
The beautiful pool and garden overlooking the church
The beautiful pool and garden overlooking the church. FACEBOOK Le Général d’Elbée – Hôtel & Spa

Camping Sandaya Domaine Le Midi

Rue du Camping, 85630 Barbâtre

Did you say camping or glamping? Established near the beach in a soothing environment, Camping Le Midi mixes the comfort of a hotel, the originality of camping, and the sheer beauty of natural landscapes. The camping site offers a peaceful vacation in an exceptional setting. Staying with friends, family, or your significant other? Enjoy Camping Sandaya Domaine Le Midi’s high-end advantages: tennis courts, heated pools (interior or exterior,) play areas for children, free bikes, and many more services. You can either come with your camping-car or enjoy the camping’s rental properties, including: cottages, or mobile homes. The rentals are fully equipped (bar, kitchen, dressing…etc.,) modern and spacious. Either near the beach or in the forest, choose your cottage depending on preference. Come and glamp at this lavish open-air resort!

Eve stayed in Noirmoutier for 3 weeks.

A bird's eye view of the campsite noirmoutier
A bird’s eye view of the campsite. FACEBOOK Camping Sandaya Domaine Le Midi
One of the camping's rentals noirmoutier
One of the camping’s rentals. FACEBOOK Camping Sandaya Domaine Le Midi

Eve lived in Versailles for 1 year.

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