420-Friendly Airbnbs In NYC & Other States

420-friendly Airbnbs in NYC and other states with legal weed are taking cannabis tourism by storm. Why the rapid motion?

420-friendly Airbnbs in NYC


Marijuana vacations have come a long way since the legalization push gained traction. Colorado and Washington permitted recreational cannabis use in 2012, and more states followed suit.

As legal markets expand within the USA, the marijuana industry propels canna-cations to unprecedented heights. People travel for fun, treatment, or to learn how to grow indica seeds and other variations.

Regardless of your motivation, each state boasts a unique weed-smoking culture, so expect diverse pleasure. Where do you start? Read on to discover the top US destinations to try.

Cannabis Tourism and Weed Legality in the USA

If you plan to visit the United States as a weed tourist, it’s imperative to understand and appreciate the nation’s marijuana laws. Cultural uses of cannabis differ across countries, and the same applies to US states, resulting in dynamic regulations.

Marijuana is lawful in varying degrees across the nation. States like Colorado, California, New York, and Nevada have fully legalized weed.

Others, like Alabama, Florida, and Pennsylvania, have a mixed status, permitting medicinal cannabis and decriminalizing recreational weed.

Sterner jurisdictions such as Idaho, Kansas, South Carolina, and Wyoming don’t allow marijuana use, but things are changing. Maryland and Missouri joined the legal states’ list on 2022 Election Day.

This encouraging twist translates to more 420-friendly destinations on your itinerary. It helps boost the travel industry as the number of out-of-state visitors soars.

They flock to legal states to obtain non-medical marijuana products and enjoy pot freedom in a new environment. 420-friendly jurisdictions also offer their guests a plethora of weed festivals, infused resorts, recreational dispensaries, and cannabis-themed events.

Are you a cannabis tourist looking for more fun-filled destinations?

Here are the top four vacation spots where weed is legal in the USA.

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada, is famous as a long-standing gambling scene and dynamic cannabis destination. Thanks to the thrilling nightlife and coveted restaurants, it’s a world-renowned entertainment hub.

Recreational weed legalization in 2017 added marijuana tourism to the list of attractions in Sin City. There’s no shortage of weed owing to the plentiful head shops and dispensaries across Vegas.

The state offers many ways to satisfy your weed cravings, from CBD edibles, topicals, and vape pens to top-shelf buds.

Some exciting 420-friendly things to do in Vegas include touring Planet 13, a top-tier cannabis store in the USA. The facility is an acclaimed destination thanks to its premium-quality strains, engaging laser art, aerial orb show, and outdoor water views.

City trails, marijuana pairings, cannabis festivals, and farm tours are also part of the Vegas travel package.

2. San Francisco, California

California is estimated to take the lion’s share of the legal marijuana industry by 2025. It was the first state to permit medicinal cannabis use in 1996 and later allowed recreational weed.

San Francisco boasts one of the most vibrant cannabis markets in California, thanks to its diverse urban lifestyle. The abundance of coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and parks make an ideal setting for marijuana infusion.

The Golden City also features more music festivals than most states, offering marijuana tourists an elevated buzz. In 2019 it was the first metropolis in the USA to permit cannabis sales and use at such a massive event.

Book a San Francisco weed tour to satisfy your cannabis curiosity with a gratifying blend of education and entertainment. The excursions are customized for groups or individuals while providing insight into the herb’s history, science, and consumption.

So, whether you are taking a San Fransisco cannabis tour or joining some friends at a concert, go ahead and grab your travel pipe and prepare yourself for all of the wonderful times that the city has to offer! This is one of the very few places in the world where you can travel, sight-see, and go to concerts, all while satisfying those weed cravings.

3. New York City

There’s no questioning New York City’s fame as a global tourist destination. It’s considered the backbone of American culture, finance, politics, and entertainment.

With the advent of weed tourism, the Big Apple is a must-have destination in your itinerary. New York state allows medicinal cannabis use but restricts recreational consumption to adults over 21 within specific quantities and locations.

Book a 420-friendly Airbnb in NYC if you’re after a tranquil staycation to vape your pot worry-free. Many accommodations in the area feature a patio or backyard section where renters chill as they smoke. Some allow weed consumption inside your room.

They also delight stoners with CBD bath bombs and quality skincare products for weed-themed rituals. Breakfast sessions come with marijuana-infused complimentary coffee and tea stations.

4. Denver, Colorado

Many weed enthusiasts hail Denver, Colorado, as a must-visit pot paradise. It’s no surprise, as this state is among the pioneering legalization champions. It permitted recreational marijuana in 2012 and has had ample time to establish a friendly consumption atmosphere.

Denver weed activities range from farm tours, cannabis karaoke nights, infused dinner parties, and cooking classes to puff and paint sessions. It’s among the best places to smoke pot, surrounded by like-minded folks.

Accessing weed in the Mile High City is straightforward, as it boasts an above-average number of dispensaries and head shops. Its pot is also among the most affordable in the USA.

Once you touch down in the city, buds and breakfast await, from which you comfortably get stoned upon checking in. Explore the numerous movie theaters or hiking trails as you devour a cannabis-themed snack.

Unwind With Authentic Weed Tourism

Americans are using more weed than ever before, drawing tourists from all over to established and budding markets for marijuana-infused experiences.

From 420-friendly rentals, dispensaries, and guided tours to customized cannabis lounges, there are no dull moments.

Not sure where to launch your “canna-cation?” These must-try destinations are your best bet.

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