#JetsetFitness: 3 Of The Best Workouts In Cartagena

Get a good workout in Cartagena before starting daily adventures.

Resting on the Caribbean Sea and creating a perfect backdrop for beautiful sunsets, gorgeous food and beautiful people, Cartagena, Colombia is Colombia’s fifth largest city. Cartagena is also an easy city to visit, if you’ve never been to Colombia. With its modern meets traditional architecture you can step back in time, while walking in the present. The city effortlessly straddles the past, present and future for a very unique traveling experience.

Each of Cartagena’s 5 zones or neighborhoods is vastly different from the other. We stayed in the Bocagrande neighborhood of Cartagena. Primarily to have some of the more modern conveniences that we’ve grown accustomed to like gyms and Wi-Fi. Bocagrande boasts tall skyscrapers, long beaches, and beautiful sunsets.

Even though we chose Bocagrande to stay in largely because of the gym in the hotel, we found ourselves working out on the beach every morning. Keeping my fitness goals on track while traveling is important to me, so I woke up early enough to enjoy my rest, but also to get a good workout in before I started my daily adventures.

My Colombia crunch beach workout:

I did this workout on the beach most mornings while the fishermen were getting their catch of the day. The mornings on the beach are so quiet and pristine; you feel like you’re on a private beach. It’s exactly the kind of atmosphere that makes it perfect for a beach workout without everyone watching you. Best of all, it’s free!

  • Warm up- run for 10 min. on the beach
  • Jump Squats- 20 In the sand
  • Burpees- 15 in the sand
  • Walking lunges- 2 times back and forth to the ocean (stand a few feet away from the water)
  • Push ups- 20 in the sand
  • Repeat each exercise 3 times (not the warm-up).

Swimming or surfing in the Caribbean Sea:

If morning cardio on the beach isn’t really your thing, try swimming in the ocean or a pool. The activity is perfect for vacation, and is a great way to meet some new people on the beach. You’ll meet people from all over the world on the beaches, from locals to new friends from Brazil. Cartagena is very much the playground for South and Central Americans.

You can rent the boards for a nominal amount or bring your own if you’re a surfer.


Walking and checking out the sites:

Cartagena is so beautiful, that walking is a great way to see the sights and burn some calories. I loved walking through the streets of Old Cartagena and looking at the local rare….like emeralds! There are also tons of cute little shops to get souvenirs, coffee, or just a treat for you. Seeing the old town on foot is by far the best way to travel. Once you’re tired, stop, have a Limonada de Coco, and continue on. Just be sure to stay hydrated, as this city does get hot.

If you hang around the old town until sunset, you’ll see traditional dancing in the square preformed by local students. Their dancing is absolutely amazing and gives a fun unexpected treat to your visit.

Nic Hyl

Contributor, JST SHOP Vendor

Nic is a fashion designer who loves to write & travel--always eager to immerse herself in local culture & explore off the beaten path. Her ambitious goal is to visit every country!

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