Experience Turquoise-Blue Serenity At Turks And Caicos’ UMI Villa

You don’t need to be a celebrity to know about one of the Caribbean’s best-kept secrets, the islands of Turks and Caicos. But once you run across the silky beaches into the warm, glittering surf, you may certainly feel like one.

UMI Villa Turks and Caicos


That is especially the case if you’re relaxing at UMI Villa, a jewel in the crown of Providenciales Island’s Long Bay Beach.

Providenciales is an ideal choice for first-time visitors, offering not only the privacy and pristine beach experience you seek, but also ready access to a wide range of dining and entertainment options. On the island you’ll find world-class golf, snorkeling and spas. And you’ll also have the chance to discover what brings many visitors to the island: the exciting sport of kiteboarding.

Turks and Caicos kiteboarding is a special kind of thrill. With winds billowing in your kiteboard sail and tides churning below, you’ll experience an extraordinary kind of exhilaration. The kiting culture thrives on Providenciales, especially on Long Bay, the site of UMI Villa. Unlike Grace Bay or Chalk Sound, the wind direction here is constant, and the vectors are perfect for the sport.

The luxury resort and its powdery beaches are popular not only for the astonishing beauty, but the perfect synergy with kiteboarding. More than one guest at UMI Villa has commented that the beaches seem to have been created with kiteboarders in mind.

For kiteboarding beginners, UMI Villa’s beachfront features a vast area of shallow water. Moving to the right along the beach, the seabed gradually drops, providing the more robust experience preferred by experienced kiteboarders. The prevailing winds are the perfect generator for an exciting outing, propelling kiteboarders across the waves, soaring into the sky and splashing back into the sparkling sea.

UMI Villa Turks and Caicos


On the islands of Turks and Caicos, you’ll be close to nature and natural beauty, but never far from luxury and sophistication. The archipelago has come a long way from earlier times when, as recently as the 1970s, there were no roads, no stores and no electrical grid. Generators provided the only power on the islands.

These days, tourists staying at UMI Villa are just a short distance from an array of activities and choices, including kite schools and beach bars. In addition to the attractions of Long Bay, Grace Bay, Sapodilla Bay and Taylor Bay Beach are all within reach.

Inside UMI Villa, the experience is equally rewarding. The resort’s interior features wood-paneled ceilings and accommodations for up to a dozen guests. Bathrooms are designed with modern gray slate tiling, oversized sinks, and calming rainfall shower heads. Three of the bedrooms offer private balcony access – the perfect place to watch kiteboarders navigate turquoise tides or to savor the deep-orange setting sun as you sip a glass of pinot noir.

Even the large, rectangular pool offers views of the gorgeous beaches beyond. In-house dining choices include a well-stocked bar, outdoor alfresco dining table and an outdoor grill.

In this special place, you will create memories while experiencing the thrill of unique adventures. Just as important, you will have the choice to slow the pace of life and time, as you enjoy the magical serenity of UMI Villa.

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