Where Was Netflix’s “Griselda” Filmed?

Get a deeper understanding of the history of narcos in Colombia and Miami narcos by going through these filming locations for Griselda.

Based on a true story, Griselda is a six-part series that follows Griselda Blanco (played by Sofía Vergara,) a Colombian drug lord, after she runs away from Medellín in search of recreating her empire in Miami.

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Griselda’s pursuit of power and thirst for control over other narco dealers drive her to order hitmen then murder anyone standing in her way. Paranoia, fear, and addiction are what eventually lead to her downfall. Blanco confesses to avoid retaliation, which leaves most of her children dead as she serves time in prison. A few celebrities featured in the series are: Karol G as Carla, Alberto Guerra (El Señor de los Cielos) as Dario, Orlando Pineda (Narcos: Mexico) as Dixon, and Alberto Ammann (Narcos) as Alberto.

Los Angeles

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Production recreated Miami’s iconic sights using sets in Los Angeles. All three mansions in Miami are properties from the 1920s and 1930s in southern California. One of the estates is in Benedict Canyon, to replicate Blanco’s Palm Beach hideaway. As episodes progress, so do the size of properties as a way to flaunt Griselda’s wealth growing rapidly. Here, Griselda meets Chucho, a dishwasher who ultimately becomes her bodyguard, at the retro-style Astro Family Restaurant. The Los Angeles Times Building serves as a backdrop for drug lord Amilcar’s extravagant home.

During episode three, Blanco offers to kill the witness attempting to snitch on Amilcar in exchange for working together. Once killed, fingerprint evidence arise, which is how Amilcar is arrested and passes away behind bars.

The Mutiny Hotel

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The Mutiny Hotel’s nightclub was an infamous meeting point for drug lords to strike deals. In episode one, Griselda can be seen bumping into Johnny, who introduces her to Amilcar, a respected drug lord. She later returns to ask Amilcar if she can become his supplier, promising a larger volume and return. He rejects her offer after importing hundreds of kilos of cocaine.

During episode eight, Blanco can be seen in what was formerly Amilcar’s spot, with a newfound respect from everyone who doubted her. Two locations were used to recreate the Mutiny: a hotel built in the 1980s in City of Industry, California, and the permanently docked Queen Mary ship hotel ballroom in Long Beach. The glass ceiling served as a link for these two spaces, which was constructed twice.

Long Beach, California

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Here, she housed twelve former prostitute Colombian friends in a motel as a way to import more cocaine by sewing small packets into their bras. After a night out, Blanco comes up with a new plan to dominate the market by offering free samples to upper-class Caucasians. Tensions rise when her late husband’s brother, Fernando (Ernesto Alterio,) and his right-hand man, Dario (Alberto Guerra,) show up unexpectedly in her children’s motel room. Dixon, her oldest son, is nearly killed as he tries to save his mother from Fernando’s chokehold. Dario is ordered to shoot Dixon but chooses to kill Fernando instead. Griselda and her three sons can be seen at a motel in Long Beach shortly before she turns herself in. Ultimately, she served seven years but was assassinated after moving back home.

Instead of Miami Beach, production chose to film at Long Beach to recreate the iconic beach backdrop. One of Blanco’s lavish house parties was shot at this location, and the former Casa Ripples served as a backdrop. The Killingsworth House was used as Martha Ochoa’s (Julieth Restrepo) Miami home, where Rafa, Martha’s boyfriend, offers Griselda USD $15 million to buy out her business. She declines, upsetting her partner Panessco, causing him to switch sides and ultimately gets shot.

El Floridita

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El Floridita is a local eatery where Griselda goes to meet Cuban drug lord Eddie “the Bird.” Here, she attempts to strike a deal but gets interrupted by a shootout from Bird’s competition, who spares her life. The jukebox and musicians playing on the vintage electric keyboard also represent the ’50s classic cars that are still prevalent in Cuba. Click here to discover “8 Heavenly Delicious Restaurants In Havana, Cuba.

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