How To Write A Movie Review: Guide For College Students

Why is it important to learn how to write a movie review?

For your English composition or art class, you may have to prepare a movie review one day. When you are a student, it is important to know how to write any kind of essay. But if we talk about a movie analysis, things can get a bit tricky. According to expert essay writers from a professional paper writing service, to write my essay about a movie, you should consider many additional factors, starting with the type of the movie. Feature films and documentaries may serve as primary resources for your research. As for the fiction movies, a student may use them for inspiration while writing, for instance, a compare and contrast essay on similarities and differences of a book and film based on that piece of literature. In any case, films can be used as great supplemental learning tools.

Movie Review

As a result, a type of academic assignment called movie review was offered by tutors around the world. Some students do not succeed in such assignments, so they usually use the services of a professional essay writer in such cases. While reviewing a movie only may seem easy, we would like to describe the writing process in detail.

How to Start a Film Review With a Bang

When it comes to writing an academic paper, the first question to pop up in mind is the topic—deciding on the topic is how to start a film review. In most cases, tutors provide you with a specific movie to analyze. It should be related to the subject you study and particular topics. study and particular topics. Students, being essay writers, get an opportunity to pick movies on their own in rare situations. Thus, you have to be ready to face any challenges associated with a movie review essay.

If you have a chance to choose the film on your own, make sure it has something to do with the topics you cover in class and is acceptable for the general audience. You should not pick adult movies or films with filthy language.

Introduce the general facts about the film briefly and mention its main idea. Your thesis statement is the closing part of an introduction, and it should claim whether you like the film or not and why in a sentence or few. Move smoothly to the body paragraphs after that. The next section describes the structure in detail.

The Best Way to Structure a Movie Review

Movie ReviewIf you look at our movie review examples available for free, you can notice that the structure of such papers is different from an ordinary essay’s outline. By their nature, film reports are also different from essays. You should not also confuse a brief summary with a detailed review, which also implies an in-depth analysis of the chosen piece.

So, in any film critique example, you can notice the following structure:

Title of the analyzed work. A writer has to specify the movie’s title in the opening part and put down the release date.

  • Abstract

An abstract usually refers to the summary of the main points. In the case of the samples of movie reviews, that is a summary of the plot. Discuss what happened in the video and share your thoughts: was it a success or failure?

You may say that you hated the movie, or, vice versa, believe it’s the best motion picture in the world, but make sure to provide specific reasons. That is why you need to watch the full movie and pick various details like character quotes to prove your point of view.

  • Filmmaker

To answer various questions that the audience may have, an author should provide replies to the meaningful questions about the movie make/director. Decide whether this person can be considered a controversial figure. Is there any sort of political stance? Finally, think about a significant background a movie creator may have (if any). Depending on the answers to these questions, the length of your paper may vary.

  • Relevance to your subject

Was it a good idea to assign this movie to your class? Think about whether the video content matches the topics that you study currently or have recently covered.

Perhaps, the movie has to do with historical accuracy. Include a note of embellishments or over-dramatization if you write for your history lesson. Comments and citations from credible sources can be useful.

  • Creative elements

You can see from any movie critique example that a list of creative tools is listed. Those could be costumes, decorations, colors, sound effects, music, and other visual and audio elements. A paper writer should discuss which of the elements add drama and which of them have comedian purposes.

How to Critique a Movie: Recommended Format

Movie ReviewA format usually refers to the outline. If you compose a paper using MLA format, an outline should look this way:

  • Into (title, topic, and release date)
  • Accuracy of depiction
  • Implementation of sources
  • Creativity tools
  • Writer’s opinion

Now that if you write in MLA, follow these guidelines:

  • Indoor with the title and release date only
  • Summary of the plot
  • Evaluation of plot elements (rising action, culmination, etc.)
  • Use of color, emotions, voice, etc.
  • Personal opinion

Writing a conclusion for a film review is easy. Start with the paraphrased thesis statement. Sum up whether the movie creator managed to achieve the initial goals. Re-state the evidence used to support your points. Was the film useful, and in what way? Would you recommend it to anyone else?

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