Travel Trends For Every Generation

Baby Boomers

The Baby Boomer era refers to the generation born between 1946-1964. With the average age of Baby Boomers at 65-years-old, now more than ever before, they are traveling to places they’ve dreamed about going. They are still spending the most money on travel of all the generations.

Travel Trends

Multi-generational Trips

Boomers have no problem taking the whole family on a cruise to Italy or flipping the bill for a Walt Disney World vacation as they consider time with family a worthwhile investment.

Ancestral Travel

With the now trendy voluntary DNA testing, more people are discovering their genealogy giving Boomers reason to travel to their regions of descent.

River Cruises

The slower travel and the immersive cultural experiences are on trend with this generation.

Favorite Ways to Stay

Big Brand Hotels

Boomers are more brand-loyal than other generations as they were the first generation to buy into the idea of timeshares back in 1974. Today, brands like Hilton Grand Vacations continue to sell timeshare ownerships to new generations of travelers.

Bed & Breakfasts

Baby Boomers embrace these microtels because of the personal attention from owners and meaningful connections with other guests they meet along the way.

What is Most important to Boomers


According to AARP, locals’ interactions, especially over meals and on tours, make for a more authentic vacation experience.

All-inclusive Travel

Boomers do not like to be nickeled-and-dimed to death during their vacations. Therefore, all-inclusive travel is preferred. They want to relax and focus on turning their life-long wanderlust into precious memories.

Top 3 Boomer Destinations

1. Tahiti is a top pick as Boomers love the idea of sipping an umbrellaed drink while swaying in their bungalow hammock.

2. Ireland This warm and welcoming country has long since been a favorite bucket-list destination of the Baby Boomer generation. Now, many of them are crossing the Emerald Isle from that list.

3. Hawai’i has been a popular paradise for Boomers since Elvis was king. Winter is not for the Boomer, so these tropical beaches and warm states entice them to travel more. It’s no surprise that Hawai’i is still on the most visited places for retires.

Generation X

The children who grew up in the 70s born between 1965-1980 make up this MTV generation. Even though they are plagued with student loan debt, GenXers make room for vacations. They are big on work-life balance and tend to travel more than previous generations.

Travel Trends

Beach Vacations

On some beach, somewhere, there is a GenXer drinking a craft beer swaying to the rhythm of a Jimmy Buffet song. And that’s just what they want to do on their vacations, take a break from adulting 24/7, unwind, and have a little fun with friends and family.

Weekend Getaways

Demanding careers, raising children, and caring for aging parents keep Generation X busy. They don’t have time to venture far from home, especially during the school year. Celebration trips for milestones like birthdays also rank high among these former latch-key kids.

Wellness Travel

Focusing on all aspects of health, GenXers are booking more personal wellness retreats than any other generation. They tend to seek out places with spiritual guides to help them find a path of greater purpose, and health.

Favorite Ways to Stay

Large Private Home Rentals

GenXers love family time but also want their personal space. Vacation home rentals are among the most popular accommodations as extended families can split the costs. Private balconies, swimming pools, magnificent views are all part of the family vacation experience.


Are a quieter alternative to hotels. They provide the comforts of home, private entrances, and serene views for a more stress-free environment.

Social Travel

GenXers are adventurous, which is why they embrace social travel sites. Particularly to book a couple’s getaway. The Breakfast Club generation embraces Generation Y’s contributions to the travel industry wholeheartedly.

What is Most Important to Gen Xers

Uncomplicated Travel

They are less likely to seek our travel agents, but friends’ recommendations strongly influence Generation X’s travel choices.


GenXers are big on work-life balance and tend take the time needed to unwind more so than previous generations.

Family-centric Activities

Keeping everyone busy and engaged is the point of vacations for GenXers. So they make sure to plan trips and activities that include something for everyone.

Top 3 GenX Destinations

1. Vernazza, Italy is reminiscent of Greece, with dwellings built into the cliffs overlooking the port. A large castle looms above that once used to protect the city from pirates.

2. Key West, Florida is in the Southernmost part of America. With loads of things to do to keep everyone busy, the Keys seem to be a favorite tropical paradise for GenXers.

3. Miami, Florida is the go-to place for GenXers who want to slip away and let loose. Miami brings the heat with rich cultural downtowns and a vibrant nightlife.


Also called Generation Y, Millennials were born between 1981–1996. They’re reshaping the travel industry by demanding memorable and instagrammable moments along the way.

Travel Trends

Culinary Trips

As the demand for authentic local cuisine skyrockets, food halls are growing in every country. Millennials demand hyperlocal ingredients that are sustainably sourced. Searching for culinary experts in CBD and cannabis-infused food also continues to be a growing trend among Millennials, as well.

YOLO Tours

GenYers seek out local experts to guide them on a one-of-a-kind, curated experience, like taking a music history and culture tour with a DJ in Havana.

Road Tripping

We’ve all seen the converted vans turn into like, super chill boho camper vans, #vanlife. With their natural wood lining and neutral hues, it’s enough to make you quit your job and head across the country.

Sites such as Upwork have made working abroad a lot more accessible. The freelancing site allows GenYers to fulfill their need for wanderlust while making money in the digital sphere.

Favorite Ways to Stay Abroad

Boutique Hotels

Big-named hotels such as Marriott are creating smaller, more intimate boutique hotels for those who want an upscale, more personal stay. Still, brands that don’t use sustainable products or have apps for booking or a loyalty program will be considered outdated by Millennials.

Social Travel

Millennials changed the landscape of travel. VRBO and Glamping provide unique stays such as treehouse vistas, underwater hotels, luxury mountaintop yurts, and everything in between.

Element Hotels

Hoteliers are paying attention to the wants of Millenials. Modern hotel brand, Aloft has added an alternative communal living space that allows up to four guest rooms to share a sizeable common tech space.

What is Most Important to Millennials

Transformational Trips

Focuses on the self-discovery aspects of travel incorporating lessons, exercises, coaching, and other tools for self-development during and after the journey.

Budget-friendly Stays

Millennials want meaningful experiences that won’t break the bank.

Sustainability Travel

This part of travel is essential to keep local ancient customs, traditions, and food preparation techniques alive for future generations.

Top 3 Millennial Destinations

1. Toronto, Canada, boasts the region’s clearest lakes and unspoiled landscapes, providing dreamy photographs for social sites.

2. Lisbon, Portugal has a young, San Francisco vibe, albeit less expensive. There is even a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge.

3. New York City is still fascinating as it has opportunities for small businesses and freelancers.

Generation Z

GenZers were born between 1997-2015. They are made up of young adults to kindergarteners. They do not know a world without a digital landscape where everything is instantly accessible. They also prioritize travel and go more often than anyone else.

Travel Trends

Fantasy Travel

More GenZers are flocking to locations where a favorite TV show or movie was filmed. Trips centered around the show Game of Thrones are popular.

Solo Vacations

Gen Zers are digital natives who value autonomy. They’re fine with traveling alone as long as they remain digitally connected.

Surprise Travel (Mystery Trips)

This up-and-coming trend is gaining momentum with Zoomers. Set a budget, spin the proverbial wheel, and let an app decide where you’ll end up. Connect and meet up with other LuckyTrip Zoomers along the way.

Favorite Ways to Stay

Element Hotels

The youngest generation embraces vintage-style living. Mid-century renovated buildings with large co-working spaces outfitted with the technology to work is the future. Added features include a rooftop patio, an outdoor space with vintage games, and a maker’s room.

Mobile Suites

Some GenZers like to arrive in their own custom-designed accommodations. Like a school bus converted into a bohemian studio suite, #skoolielove.

Social Travel

Just like Millennials, GenZers use social travel sites like Airbnb for unique spaces and budget-friendly options.

What is Most Important to Gen Zers

Environmental Impact

Gen Z is hyper-aware of their environmental impact and chooses travel that is aligned with their beliefs.

Having Expectations Met

These digital natives know their data’s value and expect brands to already know them upon arrival.

Green Stays

This is non-negotiable. Gen Zers lean towards eco-friendly accommodations and are looking for more environmentally friendly transportation options once they arrive.

Top 3 GenZ Destinations

1. London is the number-one city to live in for Gen Zers, who are typically students and those entering the job market for the first time.

2. Stockholm, Sweden hails as one of the world’s Greenest cities, and 100% of its energy comes from renewable resources.

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands is truly a city with every delight. It draws young people as it’s famous for its cannabis, cycling culture, and their progressive attitude towards the LGBTQ+ community.

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