6 Fun & Cheerful Virtual Dates You Can Enjoy With Your Long Distance Bae

Lucky are the ones who get to spend most of their waking minutes with their beloved partner. 

Virtual date

The joy of being in your boyfriend/girlfriend’s presence knows no bounds. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that all long-distance relationships are doomed. If you have the conviction and determination to make your relationship work, there are ways to overcome the distance, albeit virtually.

Having said that, maintaining a long-distance relationship often becomes painstakingly difficult. It takes immense trust, patience, and conviction to make such a relationship last. When you’re not around your SO very often, it’s pretty easy to lose sight of things and start questioning the fate of your relationship. Spending quality time together is what’s going to help you overcome this barrier.

The good news is that we’re living in a world where you can FaceTime with anybody at the snap of a finger. While nothing can substitute the warmth of an actual hug, modern technology has made it easier to feel your partner’s presence wherever you are. And with that, you’ve got access to a treasure trove of fun and quirky ways to enjoy a virtual date with your bae.

Here are a few joyful ideas you can use to plan your next long-distance date:

1. Share a Meal

Do you miss the times when you and your partner used to go out and try new restaurants with your partner? Not anymore. Plan a dinner/lunch date and order your partner’s favorite meal to their home. Cook up a storm for yourself, pour a glass of fine, and connect with your partner using Zoom or Skype.

2. Enjoy a Movie Night

Just because you can’t “Netflix and chill” literally, you shouldn’t miss out on the experience of watching a movie with your partner. Pick a movie that both of you like and decide a time when you can simultaneously watch it.

Grab some popcorn and FaceTime your SO before you hit the “Play” button. That’s it! Now you can cherish a virtual movie night from the comfort of your couch/bedroom. If there’s an upcoming long weekend, you can even plan to binge-watch your favorite web series or TV show. Or you can watch a few stand-up comedy specials for a hearty dose of laughter.

3. Watch a Virtual Live Show

A good thing that’s emerged from the ongoing pandemic is that many stand-up comedians, musicians, and performing artists have ditched the stage. Instead, they’ve started performing online. Use this to your advantage by booking tickets for the next stand-up show, concert, or play that both of you like. Dress up a little and put on some makeup, if you feel like, and spend a joyous evening with your partner.

4. Go for a Hike

Traveling with your SO is one of the best things about being in a relationship. But when you’re staying in different cities or countries, planning a quick holiday won’t be an option. Also, the COVID-19 pandemic has likely put your travel plans on hold. But that shouldn’t stop you from going on a quick virtual hike with your partner.

Pick a spot, set up a video call with your partner, and head out for a hike. Of course, you’ll only enjoy this if both of you are fond of venturing outdoors. Alternatively, you can also get tickets to a virtual tour and explore new places together from the comfort of your respective homes.

5. Spend a Quiet Night In

Sometimes, talking to your bae on the phone with a glass of wine at your bedside is all you need. If both of you have had a hectic workweek, this is the perfect way to unwind while staying connected with each other. Try and take it up a notch by enjoying a DIY spa night together.

6. Try Something New

Being in a relationship is all about the thrill of exploring new places, cuisines, activities, and more. When you’re in a long-distance relationship, it’s only natural to get stuck in a rut. Break the monotony by trying something new and interesting that appeals to both you and your partner. It could be something as simple as trying your hands on a new recipe together or picking up a new hobby. You can even learn a foreign language or a new musical instrument.

Likewise, if you have an affinity for healing and spirituality, you could try online psychic readings, tarot card readings, or astrology readings. Even if you don’t believe in these modalities, you can always treat this as something you and your partner experimented with. While you’ll find a plethora of online psychic reading services, don’t forget to check the refund policy and user reviews before consulting them.

Have you tried any of these virtual dates with your bae? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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