Guide Into Breed Of Cat That Doesn’t Shed

Despite constant grooming, the amount of hair left around the house from a cat is endless, creating a nuisance for even the most devoted cat lover. If you have one of the long-hair breeds with a shedding season that goes on for an extended period, the maintenance can begin to feel like a losing battle.

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Pet parents considering a cat rescue should factor in the level of upkeep that will fit into their lifestyle before committing to a specific breed. For instance, a Persian kitty will come with non-stop combing during the shed season. Another factor is potential allergies that come with feline dander. These can be severe for someone living in the home. Look at this list of cats that shed.

Neither of the issues is reasons to pass up the species altogether. You can have your kitten without the work – or sneezing.

The Breeds Of Cats That Don’t Shed

Cats shed a great deal, creating a load of work for pet parents. If you want one of the cute, cuddly breeds like the long-haired Maine Coone beauty, you will have some grooming to deal with.

Otherwise, you will have dead hair falling throughout the house, covering furniture, and stirring allergies. A solution to the shedding is available for you if the level of work involved is not for you.  The non-shedding cat breeds are ideal, low maintenance options – and hypoallergenic. Some of these include the following:

  • The Cornish Rex: The hair on the feline is thin and short, minus two outer layers. Though they don’t need maintenance in the way of combing, it is vital to ensure the cat retains an adequate level of body heat since the fur doesn’t provide the warmth they need. Sleeping with you in a nice warm bed will likely be a requirement with this kitty.
  • The Peterbald:  Some of the Peterbald breeds are born with hair, but as age progresses, the hair is lost. The defining character traits include a uniquely slender frame and huge ears on a smaller head that stand out from large eyes that sparkle.

The cat has high intelligence and is quite social with a need to cling to pet parents, following the human companions continuously 24/7.

  • The Donskoy: The Russian-born breed is comparable to the Sphynx, but the animal produces sweat as a way to maintain body warmth, unique for the feline species as a whole The cat finds favor with other pets in the house, including dogs, and has a relative attraction for children, making the kitty an ideal choice for a family pet.
  • The Sphynx: The goal with the Sphynx cat was to create a breed of kitties that had no hair. The effort was intentional, but the result wasn’t entirely successful.

While the animal doesn’t have a coat, the cat is not hairless as she owns an incredible layer of down hair, creating an unusual look and extraordinary touch. The colors and patterns vary for the animal.

Because the hair is so thin, you need to help the animal maintain a sense of warmth. The feline is another one offering high intelligence along with devotion and affection for her pet parents.

  • The Bengal: This is a dramatic, fierce cat in appearance She offers a brilliant low-shed coat that creates the look of a wild tiger. The animal is among the most popular of the low-maintenance cats because of her beauty. The kitty does require a lot of affection, attention, and love.

You’ll find the Bengal to be very social and chatty. The kitten needs more attention than what you’ll find with other breeds in the category. If you don’t come through with adequate stimulation, you will likely hear about it.

If you don’t have a great deal of time or it doesn’t work for your lifestyle to upkeep the longer-haired cat breeds like with combing and cleaning up all the hair found throughout your home, one of the hairless (or low-hair) felines would be a better option. See these kitties close up online at You’re never free of caring for your pet, though.

With these animals, there’s a different kind of care required in that you need to make sure your faithful friend is warm at all times. Without the fur to retain body heat, the kitty will get cold easily quite often. Not to mention the countless amounts of love, attention, and affection you’ll need to provide. Some cats will remind you if you’re not performing your duties adequately. These are always a primary part of being the best feline parent.

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