VIP Nannies Earning 6 Figures & Travelling The World Whilst Doing It!

Most people assume that childcare jobs are very rewarding, watching children growing up and helping them every step of the way is some people’s dream. However, very few would have thought that some of these jobs in childcare are financially rewarding. The top nannies can make $2,000 per week!

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Some might find these figures staggering, however, families with a large capital don’t hold back on paying top dollar for the best nanny to look after their children. 

Don’t assume that working as a nanny for a top client is an easy gig because it certainly is not. In fact, the top nanny jobs available will pick candidates that boast a remarkable resume, with plenty of experience and a good background. These wealthy families will do anything possible to hire the best person for the job, and there have been stories of parents paying a teacher vast sums of cash so they can leave their teaching position and work as full-time nanny.  

What are Families looking for when Choosing a Candidate?

To earn 6 figures as a nanny you must be pretty good at your job. Your CV has to be glowing for a family to pick you. Parents who are willing to spend large sums of money on a nanny expect the following:

  1. A highly dependable nanny with at least 10 years of experience: Most families pick nannies who have been working with the same family for a long time. If your CV shows you have worked with lots of different employers, alarm bells will start ringing.
  2. Qualification in childcare: Although this is not a necessity, having further education in childcare can be a great benefit. 
  3. First Aid certificate: When dealing with children every day, having studied first aid will prove beneficial. The most important thing parents are looking for is that their child is in safe hands. 
  4. Dedicated to helping a child with their education: You will be expected to help the children day in day out with their homework. 
  5. Able to speak and teach another language: again, this is not a necessity, however parents love if their child learns another language, especially if the language is one they are studying in school. 
  6. Full driving license
  7. Good cooking skills. Experience in preparing healthy meals for children.
  8. Able to organize and work around their children’s schedule: help with the school run, organize play dates, organize parent-teacher meetings, organize music rehearsals and other meetings
  9. Help the kids with their homework

Although many families search for nannies through agencies, it is very common for a nanny to get a recommendation from previous employers. A nanny will get a good reputation very quickly, however, they can easily gain a bad reputation too. In this industry, if you have a bad reputation you might be surprised how word gets around. 

What Exactly do Nannies Do?

A nanny is much more than a person who feeds and watches the children. Nannies normally work inside the family’s home, and the main goal is to help with the children’s mental and physical development, along with their emotional wellbeing. 

Families are reluctant to change nannies if they like their current employee, so it is common to see a nanny staying in the same position for many years. Some nannies start work when the child is born and might not leave the position until the child becomes a teenager. 

A lot of nannies live in the family’s home, or perhaps a small building on the property, while others stay at their own private residence. For nannies who live on the owners’ property are normally expected to help out with the house cleaning, however, this isn’t always the case. Some work full time, while others do shorter shifts throughout the day. Most nannies are on call throughout the day and night, however as the children get older nannies are rarely needed urgently. Again, this all depends on the families and what type of work they do. If they work abroad, or long hours during the day and night, nannies might work very long hours. 

Flying all over the World!

Not all nannies are lucky, however, one of the perks of the job, especially for those working for wealthy families is that it is likely you will be brought on holidays to help with the children. Normally as the kids get older you’ll find you won’t be getting an invite, but when they are young, there is a strong possibility you will be boarding a plane to some incredible locations around the globe. 

Families with a large capital often like to visit the most beautiful places and they like to stay in luxury hotels. So get your skis ready or perhaps your swimming costume ready!

How do you find work as a Nanny?

First of all, the chances of you getting one of these nanny jobs and getting paid a six-figure salary from day one is highly unlikely, unless you have been headhunted from a similar position where you work with children. At the end of the day, everybody has to start somewhere, so if you are considering becoming a top of the range nanny, here is a few things you need to do:

  • Prepare a CV: If you are dealing with self-employed people, it is highly possible they have read a lot of CVs in your time. So to help yours stand out, consider employing a professional print company to create a shiny CV that won’t be easy to forget. Your CV is often the first point of contact, so make a good impression.
  • Look good!: If you get called in for an interview, your appearance is critical. Make sure your outfit is in immaculate condition. Spend the morning or the previous day in the salon to help your hair, makeup and skin look good. Hygiene is critical, so make sure your breath smells good, and don’t forget your perfume or aftershave, but don’t overdo it!
  • There are plenty of agencies looking for people to work as nannies. Both online and possibly in your community. If you have no experience and would like to start, asking a local nursery to help as a volunteer might help open doors for you.

Going to an office for an interview is often tough, but going to an employer’s home can be worse. Try to remain relaxed, ask when entering the home if you are required to take your shoes off, and try to be yourself. Most parents are looking for a confident person who can control their kids, so try not to be too shy.

Okay, it sounds great, playing with children, getting paid loads of cash, free accommodation, and flying all over the world. Well, it’s not that easy! Becoming a nanny is more than a job. It will take over your whole life. Although you won’t be blood-related to anyone under that roof, you will naturally become one of them.

Many nannies find it difficult to take care of their own children. Because some nannies are often on call, they might have to leave their families to take care of others. Before becoming a nanny, you need to take all this into account. 

Yes, often there are great perks to the position and for some the money is great, but becoming a nanny, especially a top-level nanny, is a huge responsibility. 

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