How Your American Express Helps You Around The World

It all started with freight forwarding.

How Your American Express Helps You Around The World
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American Express has been helping out around the world since 1850. The business started when Henry Well, William G Fargo and John Butterfield brought their existing businesses together and created the iconic brand name. Initially, it was a business that delivered parcels and other goods rapidly (express) around the US and included a network of railway routes between Minnesota and the East Coast.

As people’s requirements changed and grew, so did the company’s services. They introduced financial and travel services and took packages outside of America. What we think of as Amex, the charge card, came into existence over one hundred years after the company launched. At a time when people had to pay in cash or bankers draft, the idea of having a card that would allow people to ‘charge that to my account’ was almost revolutionary.

A charge card was revolutionary

Amex was not offering people credit. It was an alternative to having to carry around large amounts of paper money. This was particularly advantageous when travelling and was regarded at the time with the same awe and amazement as we might marvel at ChatGPT or similar now. Goods and services were charged to the card carrier’s account, and the bill was settled at the end of the month. American Express was only available to the wealthier echelons of society who could be trusted to pay off the costs they had run up. It was slightly more expensive to use than its nearest rival, Diners, and this made it even more attractive to wealthier carriers. The Amex Gold and Green cards were status symbols in their rights.

Amex today is one of the largest network payments in the world. Only China UnionPay, Mastercard and Visa have more cards issued, and it is one of the US’s largest banks. The card is accepted at almost all US merchants but is not as prevalent in Europe and Asia. Many merchants are put off by higher handling fees, and because it is less accepted, fewer people use Amex in these parts of the world. However, it has a real cache and many people ‘would not leave home without it’ to paraphrase Amex’s immortal advertising slogan.

More than just a payment option

One of the reasons users love their Amex card is because it offers users rewards and exclusive bonuses. One example of this is the airport lounges that Amex offers to premium passengers who fly first and business class. Not only can passengers use Amex lounges, but they can also use the exclusive travel lounges of other airline carriers in countries without a specific facility. Take Australia, for example; Amex members can use the Qantas lounges and get all the luxury they have come to expect in their own country.

Sometimes, members want to use their Amex card without even leaving the comfort of their own home or apartment. As American Express does not have the same global reach as its larger rivals, sometimes cardholders have to add in an additional step to be able to use the card across all websites and online shopping sites. As using Amex for purchases allows members to collect points to redeem for offers later, it is easy to understand why they are keen to purchase wherever they can using their card.

How to use Amex in all kinds of places

Looking at online casinos, you could initially think that it is not possible to pay to play using American Express. Giulia Grima has reviewed American Express online casinos to find which ones are the best, offer the widest choice of games and which are the best for you to put your faith in. While no online casinos in Ontario take Amex directly, using an e-wallet solves the issue. For example, members just need to link their American Express card to the PayPal account and select it wherever that payment method is accepted.

Extra levels of security

PayPal and Amex both offer users exceptional levels of security, so a combination of the two together means customers can be reassured their transactions are encrypted and safe from possible fraudsters. If anything was ever to go wrong, Amex pride itself on award-winning customer service, allowing people to get matters resolved efficiently and in a friendly manner.

For business and pleasure

American Express helps out by allowing people to charge business expenditures to their cards but benefit from rewards that are tailored for personal enjoyment. Their loyalty program lets customers redeem their accumulated points for all kinds of little luxuries like fantastic meals out, drinks in, exclusive travel offers and benefits and money off big brands and even the weekly shop.

People and purchases are protected

Users can rest assured they are in the very best of hands. Fraud protection means an intelligent security system keeps an eye on users’ accounts and is always on the lookout for any unusual activity. If something is spotted, the customer will be contacted wherever they are in the world. It is not just you and your account that are protected either. Many purchases made using Amex are also protected against theft and damage, helping you buy with confidence.

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