How To Plan An Exciting Adventure Break In Bhutan

Two-time Pulitzer winner and author David McCullough Jr. once said, “Climb the mountain so you can see the world, not so the world can see you.”

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Travel is all about the experience ; so, even if you have been to many parts of the globe, there are still some places that can give you an adrenaline rush. Bhutan is an amazing escape that you can easily go for. From vibrant city breaks to stimulating journeys in remote locations, it is up to you to plan your adventure well so that you can have a unique trip that sets it apart from others that you have taken.

Know Where to Go

It is challenging to identify a destination when you have already covered a few countries in the world. But determining a location is vital so that you can make concrete plans. There are some ways to find out where you can go. One is to use a random country finder to make it fun. Of course, if you have already been to the place, you can always repeat the exercise until you find a country that is interesting. You can also look at travel guides and reports to know what’s hot or learn which countries are under the radar. For example, Bhutan is a remote destination with amazing landscapes and a rich and vibrant culture. To preserve its resources, the government limits the number of visitors and puts a minimum spend of $250 per night per person.

Hiring a tour company is the best way to visit Bhutan as visitors apart from Indians, Bangladeshis, and Maldivians are not allowed to go on their own. You can, however, customize your itinerary as you wish and there is no rule that you must go in groups. Include hiking days, temple visits, and local festivals, if any. Know that the best period to visit is from October to December while the monsoon period is from June to August.  Prices are also lower in the winter season from $250 to $200 per day from December to February.

Organize Your Break

After booking your tour with a Bhutanese travel agency, reserve your flights as early as you can because they will not get any cheaper the closer you get to your preferred dates. Your travel agent can also do this, but you can buy your tickets yourself on Druk Air or fly in from Bangkok, Delhi, or Kathmandu. It is also possible to arrive by land from the Indian border.

Apart from booking tickets, ensure that you pay for your tour in advance because it is a tricky process. You must wire the money to a bank in Bhutan. Once everything is paid, your travel agency in Bhutan will arrange for your visa.  You must also think about how you will pay for expenses while traveling. Ensure that your credit cards are valid and get some cash in small, denominated bills to change into the local currency.

Even if you have already seen a great deal of the world, magical Bhutan is an adventure travel destination that you should consider. Plan your trip in advance and organize your tour to ensure that your journey is an unforgettable one.

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