Top 5 Tips For That Amazing Spring Break Body

Spring break is my favorite holiday.

spring break body
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It’s a time for you and your besties to drink awesome shooters, dance to awesome music, and soak up each other’s awesomeness. Unfortunately, your all-carb diet isn’t helping you get spring break-ready. Here are my top 5 tips for that spring break body.

1. Ginger

It would not be spring break without a bikini, and if you are shopping at Sears for a one piece, you might as well cancel your trip. The first must-have: fresh ginger. Research has shown that ginger root helps deflate the stomach from gas-producing foods. Try making ginger tea by adding freshly sliced ginger to boiling water; let it sit for 15 minutes then add honey. Pro-Tip: If you don’t like ginger, don’t worry. Add some bananas, honeydew and pineapple to your diet to flatten belly bloat. And remember, this doesn’t happen overnight. Incorporate these foods into your diet about 1-2 weeks before your trip.

2. Exercise

There are two types of people in this world. The ones who exercise and the ones that observe. If you not only want to look good, but also feel confident on the beach, then you need to get moving at least 30 minutes a day. Physical activity has many benefits such as improving digestion and flushing out some of that high-sodium Taco Bell you ate the other night.

3. No Dairy

At least a week before your vacay cut out dairy products. Many dairy products have added sugars which will make you bloat. After a few days without dairy, you may notice your midsection is less puffy.

4. Probiotics

Probiotics are a must have on the pre-spring break list. Studies show that people who are overweight have a higher percentage of “bad” bacteria in their gut. Gross. Kombucha and bone broth are examples of probiotic-rich foods but you can always buy a bottle of probiotic pills at your local health food store. Look for one with over 10 billion live active cultures and make sure they are refrigerated.

5. Hydrate

We all know that drinking water is beneficial. You want a hot body? Water. You want a Bugatti? Water. You want a Maserati? Water. We know Britney, WE KNOW. But drinking enough water can be hard. Like, how much water are we supposed to drink? Aim to drink about half of your body weight in ounces every day. You can even add some lemon and cucumber slices to your water for extra cleansing. And we all know that we are going to need that extra cleanse after a long week of spring break.

Article written by Nicole Young.

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