Why Forte Village Is The Most Legendary Resort In Sardinia

Did you know that the biggest resort in all of Europe is in Sardinia? Located on the stunning coast of Santa Margherita de Pula in Southern Sardinia, Forte Village sits on a whopping 123 acres (50 hectares) with endless offerings to fit literally any guest looking for a world-class vacation.

Forte Village is a collection of eight hotels, which make up a real village of various accommodation options, scenery and amenities. The hotels range from four to five-star options, with room categories to fit every size and type of guest: from luxurious suites with ocean views, spacious garden bungalows for families and multi-story villas with private pools and their very own guest rooms.

Looking for a dreamy, classically elegant Italian hotel stay? Book a gorgeous suite at Hotel Castello. Looking for something more secluded and intimate to hide away with your partner? Then, the luxurious, romantic rooms at Villa del Parco are what you’re looking for. Looking for something that feels a bit more modern with lots of garden space? In that case, the boho-chic garden bungalows at the Le Dune are perfect for you!

Hotel Il Castello pool
Hotel Il Castello pool. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Hotel Castello Pool
Hotel Castello Pool. PHOTO FORTE VILLAGE
Beach view from Hotel Castello
Beach view from Hotel Castello PHOTO FORTE VILLAGE
Hotel Il Castello rooms. PHOTO FORTE VILLAGE
Hotel Castello suites
Hotel Castello suites. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Hotel Castello suite views
Hotel Castello suite views. PHOTO NADIA CHO


The Waterfront Suites are among the most coveted rooms at the resort, with only a handful of these luxurious suites perched right above the beach. The Waterfront Suites come with tons of space designed as your very own chic Sardinian hideout with spectacular sea views displayed in floor-to-ceiling windows. What’s great about the rooms across all the hotels is that guests will find beautiful artisan accents in each one, such as locally produced Orosei marble or vibrant pottery pieces painted with palms and peacocks, symbolizing Sardinian prosperity. Wherever you’re staying in the resort, you always feel a sense-of-place to remind you that you’re in one of the most special places in the Mediterranean.

Waterfront suites balcony 2
Waterfront suites balcony. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Waterfront Suites Sardinian hideout
Waterfront Suites Sardinian hideout. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Waterfront Suites living space
Waterfront Suites living space. PHOTO NADIA CHO

Forte Village checks all the boxes when it comes to amenities for every age group and traveler, which is why it has won awards for World’s Leading Resort in multiple categories consistently for years. Within its immense property, there are unique amenities which you simply won’t find anywhere else. For Entertainment, the resort has its own Forte Arena which hosts shows by international musical stars, in addition to the large open-air stage at Piazza Luisa where guests gather nightly. There’s an entire Children’s Wonderland for kids, complete with a life-size Barbie dream house and children’s village. The resort also has an Aquapark and Leisureland which offers bowling and go-karts for all ages.

Waterfront suite sunset
Waterfront suite sunset PHOTO FORTE VILLAGE
Waterfront suites balcony
Waterfront suites balcony. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Waterfront Suites bathrooms
Waterfront Suites bathrooms. PHOTO NADIA CHO

Forte Village is renowned for its excellent sports training programs and facilities for water sports, tennis, basketball, football (soccer), cycling and golf. One of the most remarkable amenities at the property are the prestigious Sports Academies, where guests can sign up to train with sports legends from teams such as Real Madrid and the Olimpia Milano EA7 basketball team.

Waterfront Suites bedroom
Waterfront Suites bedroom. PHOTO NADIA CHO


Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa has won World’s Best Wellness Retreat and World’s Leading Spa Resort, and is a quintessential feature of the resort which all guests must experience. The pride and joy of Acquaforte Spa is the Thalasso circuit of six seawater pools.

Each of the six pools are set at different temperatures and saline densities. Some are active whirlpools with powerful jets while others are imbued with different compounds such as magnesium chloride or aloe. The high saline density allows you to float and contributes to the many therapeutic effects of thalassotherapy such as draining toxins, muscle-relaxing, anti-inflammatory action and stimulating detox, metabolism and toning throughout the body. Completing the full circuit of Acquaforte’s one-of-a-kind thalassotherapy will make anyone feel brand new and deeply relaxed. There’s also the private spa with its very own circuit of Thalasso seawater pools, sauna, steam room and treatment room which guests can rent for exclusive use.

Private spa
Private spa. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Private spa thalasso pools
Private spa Thalasso pools. PHOTO NADIA CHO

Other than the Thalasso, Acquaforte Spa’s treatment rooms are set within gorgeous tropical gardens with clear glass windows instead of walls that display lush natural surroundings. It’s the perfect setting to fully relax into any of the treatments which are part of the spa’s robust offering of massage, immunity, nutrition, fitness and wellness programs. Our favorite treatment is the honey and salt massage, which you can only find at this location, since the treatment uses fragrant Sardinian honey and sea salt to exfoliate and relax your entire body.

Acquaforte Thalasso saltwater pool
Acquaforte Thalasso saltwater pool. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Acquaforte Thalasso pool
Acquaforte Thalasso pool. PHOTO NADIA CHO


Forte Village has a stacked list of amazing, high-end dining options, proving that you don’t need to compromise culinary excellence when staying at a large-scale resort. The resort has a total of 21 restaurants and 14 bars, which offer numerous opportunities to savor excellent Italian and local Sardinian fare, curated by an all-star lineup of celebrity and Michelin chefs. Our favorite food and beverage experiences at Forte Village include:

Heinz Beck Restaurant

Legendary three-star Michelin chef, Heinz Beck, has set up his fabulous namesake restaurant right on the water next to Hotel Il Castello. Heinz Beck Restaurant provides guests the opportunity to experience a high-end, innovative gastronomic experience which centers regional ingredients and flavors. On the menu, you’ll find exciting items such as taleggio-crusted lobster with herb ice cream, pineapple-smoked gnocchi with white prawns and juicy duck smothered in reduction and oxidized onion sauce. For an exciting, haute fine-dining experience, Heinz Beck Restaurant is the destination on property which foodie guests simply can’t miss!

Heinz Beck taleggio crusted lobster
Heinz Beck taleggio crusted lobster. PHOTO NADIA CHO


Heinz Beck amberjack ventresca
Heinz Beck amberjack ventresca. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Heinz Beck red snapper tartar
Heinz Beck red snapper tartar. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Heinz Beck duck with oxidized onion sauce
Heinz Beck duck with oxidized onion sauce. PHOTO NADIA CHO


For an ambience which feels more classically elegant, Belvedere is perfect for intimate dinners. The restaurant’s large terrace overlooks the gardens of Villa del Parco, making it a supremely romantic setting for date nights. While the ambience is classic, up-and-coming Michelin chef, Giuseppe Molaro, whips up a creative menu that’s fresh and cosmopolitan. Two of our favorite dishes at the resort were from Belvedere: the salty savory pappardelle with summer truffle and fermented mushroom sauce and the most succulent lobster served with carrot cream and cranberry sauce. Belvedere is a mandatory stop for all guests looking for fabulous food in a romantic, intimate setting.

Belvedere tagliatelle seafood ragu
Belvedere tagliatelle seafood ragu. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Belvedere restaurant terrace
Belvedere restaurant terrace. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Belvedere pappardelle
Belvedere pappardelle. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Belvedere lobster with carrot cream
Belvedere lobster with carrot cream. PHOTO NADIA CHO

Le Dune

Le Dune is another uber-romantic restaurant in a classy minimalist interior with wall-to-wall ocean views. The menu consists of traditional Italian with a modern touch. You can tuck into a delicious millefeuille with crispy sheets of eggplant and buffalo mozzarella. Or the carasau bread lasagna with dolce Sardo cheese and truffle caviar, another delectable item that’s both tasty and crunchy. Lovers of classic fine dining can also order a beautiful Black Angus Beef Fillet Chateaubriand for two to share. Le Dune is the perfect choice for the nights when you want to impress at a sophisticated restaurant with gorgeous ocean views.

Le Dune garden bungalows
Le Dune garden bungalows. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Le Dune seabass
Le Dune seabass. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Le Dune restaurant
Le Dune restaurant. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Le Dune Chateaubriand
Le Dune Chateaubriand. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Le Dune aubergine millefeuille
Le Dune aubergine millefeuille. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Le Dune 3 bedroom villa
Le Dune 3 bedroom villa. PHOTO NADIA CHO

Tiki Beach

Tiki Beach is easily the most fun bar in the entire resort, with all the over-the-top thatched tiki décor over multiple levels of colorful lounge space to really get you in the vacay mood. The bar has an amazing menu of signature tiki cocktails like the Mystique Fizz with Moet champagne mixed with passion fruit puree and sugar cane syrup, as well as the Pahulu Oki which comes with tequila, mezcal, pineapple juice, orgeat and Campari. And of course, you can also order beloved tiki classics like a Zombie or a Jungle Bird.

Tiki Beach
Tiki Beach bar
Tiki Beach bar. PHOTO NADIA CHO


It’s difficult to leave Forte Village, since the resort has more than enough activities to keep you occupied. However, if you do find time to venture out and explore, the location is perfect for exploring popular beaches and attractions. The most beautiful beaches in Southern Sardinia, including Spiaggia di Tuerreda, Spiaggia Su Giudeu, Spiaggia di Sa Colonia, as well as the architectural island of Nora are just 15 minutes away by car. You can also reach Cagliari or the dunes of Porto Pino within 40-50 minutes by car in either direction.

Beach views
Beach views. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Beach lido


Main resort pool
Main resort pool. PHOTO NADIA CHO
Main resort pool 2
Main resort pool. PHOTO NADIA CHO

With truly an endless list of top-tier accommodations, F&B options and facilities, it’s no wonder that Forte Village is a world-renowned resort destination. For an unparalleled resort experience which you won’t find anywhere else, book a stay at one of the many hotels inside Forte Village, and enjoy the ultimate vacation in Sardinia which you truly won’t forget!

Pool lounge
Pool lounge. PHOTO NADIA CHO
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