8 Quintessential Must-Do’s In Naxos

The largest Cyclades island made for foodies!

Talk about a hidden gem Greek island, Naxos is a must-see! A few days on this island made for foodies, here’s a list of top things to do that you can’t miss on the largest Cyclades island!

1. SHOP: Old Town Naxos/Chora

Right by the harbor is Old Town Naxos, or Chora which is the capital where you’ll find many restaurants and local boutiques for souvenir shopping! Known for high quality artisanal goods, don’t leave Naxos without a few jars of olive oil, homemade jams, and other edible goodies!

2. EAT: Apostolis

Naxos Greece
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You’ve got lamps in the ceiling, bike on the wall, Apostolis is a fan favorite restaurant serving traditional Greek dishes with a modern twist. Naxos is known for amazing cheese and potatoes due to its fertile lands, so indulging in a good meal is a total must.

3. DO: Road trip to other villages

Naxos Greece

Since Naxos is the largest Cyclades Greek island, definitely rent a car then explore other off-the-beaten path villages. Like this one…

4. SEE: Halki / Chalki village

Naxos Greece
PHOTO Wendy Hung

Famous for olive groves, Chalki or Halki embodies traditional architecture and buildings that signify Naxos’ past wealth and power. You can find several well-preserved Venetian Towers and Byzantine churches here.

5. DRINK: Alfa beer 

So the Greek Alfa beer is Athenian, not Naxian. But it’s still refreshing on a hot summer day! With 5% alcohol content and unique light gold color plus a rich foam, this Alfa is super extra.

6. SEE: Apiranthos village

Naxos souvenir pottery
PHOTO Wendy Hung

Apiranthos means “plenty of flowers.” Located 32 km from Naxos Town, it’s considered one of the most beautiful villages on the island because of marble houses. Apiranthos sits on a hilltop so you’ll need to drive or bus all the way to the top to see sights, tavernas, and cafes.

7. DRINK: Vallindras Kitron Distillery

Naxos souvenir kitron
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In Chalki, don’t miss Vallindras Kitron Distillery, which features Kitron – a Naxian liqueur made from leaves of citron tree, it’s similar to a lemon tree but the taste is stronger. Kitron comes in three varieties: green (sweet with less alcohol), yellow (strongest with the least sugar,) and clear (the middle ground.)

8. STAY: Medusa Resort & Suites

Naxos Greece
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The BEST place to stay with super highly recommended reviews, is Medusa Resort & Suites. Owner Mariangela’s family has made this chic and relaxing reosrt facing Plaka Beach a fan favorite. There are verandas, suites with hot tubs, rooms with sea views with yoga sessions and private access to the beach. The perfect home away from home!

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