The Ultimate List Of Greek Foods To Devour In Naxos

Potatoes, cheese, citrus liqueur and so much more!

Famous for its incredibly fertile land, food in Naxos is particularly fresh and tasty. Head to Tragea region to visit citrus groves, vegetable farms, and olive groves. The norther part of the island boasts gorgeous vineyards, meanwhile Filoti and Apeiranthos’ mountain villages showcase calf, goats, sheep, and dairy products.

Traditional Naxian cuisine encompasses lots of potatoes, cheese, olives, grapes, honey, and citrus fruits. It’s divided into 3 categories:

  1. Coastal regions where seafood is especially fresh.
  2. In the plains, vegetable and cattle dishes are made for butter lovers.
  3. Mountainous regions showcase goat and sheep dishes highlighted by the use of olive oil.

Naxos potatoes and fries

Stelida Restaurant Naxos
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If there’s one food you must eat in Naxos, it’s the potatoes! Due to the composition of the unique terroir and climatic conditions, potatoes have become the Naxos’ most imperative produce contributing to the island’s financial growth. Since the 1950’s, Naxos has been officially designated as the center for the cultivation and production of Greek seed potatoes. So don’t forget to try Naxos fries, since the island is in the Guinness Book of Records for the largest serving of fries at one time by frying 625 kilos of potatoes.

Kitron liqueur

Naxos souvenir kitron
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A Naxian liqueur made from leaves of citron tree, which is similar to a lemon tree but the taste is stronger. Kitron comes in three varieties: green (sweet with less alcohol), yellow (strongest with the least sugar,) and clear (the middle ground.)


Greek walnut cake
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Walnut cake drenched in syrup, made with a tiny dosage of citron liqueur. This is typically served with kaimaki ice cream, which is made from mastric-resin and sheep’s milk.

Here are other key Naxos dishes you’ve gotta try:

Wild rabbit = When braised in lemon, it’s incredibly delicious.

Patoudo = Lamb stuffed with chard, fennel, herbs and garlic is typically eaten on Easter Sunday. But you can find patoudo dish on most Naxos menus.

Pig rosto = Garlic stuffed pork leg braised in wine.

Pork fricassee with provatsa = Greeks love friccassee, and provatsa is the leafy part of sea lavender.

Goat served with potatoes or pasta = Or braised goat with zoula (macaroni).

Veal stew = With eggplant and different types of cheeses.

Salachtouri = Rays salad with lemon dressing.

Koukoulomaeria = White bean soup with wheat, corn, and olive oil.

Sefoukloti = A sweet-savoury pie with chards or vegetables, parsley, fennel, onion, mint, and rice.

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