5 Souvenirs To Score In Naxos & Where To Get Them

It’s all about browsing tiny shops owned by local artisans.

Shopping in Naxos is all about browsing through tiny shops owned by locals born and raised on the island. From sweet jams, kitron liqueur, to handmade pottery; you can easily find the perfect gifts and souvenirs to bring home. Of course, a pair of leather sandals or a fun T-shirt can easily be bought by the beach. But remember, the best part about collecting souvenirs in Naxos is rare finds that are either organically made, or crafted by local artists. We highly recommend checking out boutiques in Chalki, Filoti, Apiranthos, or Damalas.

1. Kitron

Naxos souvenir kitron
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A local liqueur from Naxos, Kitron is made from citrus leaves and it’s a Greek Protected Designation of Origin liqueur. Bring home a bottle to share with friends, because it’s truly unique and it’s VERY Naxos. Stop by Vallindras Distillery in Chalki. The traditional mansion holds five generations of old Kitron recipes.

2. Cheese

Naxos cheese
Photo: tyrokomia-naxou.gr

If we haven’t made it clear enough in other Naxos articles, at this point you should know that cheese is a really big deal on the island. Check out Tyrokomia Naxou Koufopoulos (located in Chora) so you can browse through 20 variety of local cheese, prepared with traditional and natural processes. You might want to bring home arseniko cheese, it’s arguably the most famous type!

3. Homemade jams

Naxion – Ναξίων Γεύσεις

Since fruits are beautifully grown in Naxos, naturally homemade jam is a must-buy souvenir. Check out Naxion Gefseis between Chora and Angida, where you’ll find Mrs. Marietta Margaritou’s workshop filled with seasonal jams and baked goods that you’ll want to share with loved ones back home. Or, check out Era workshop owned by Mr. Giannis Mandenakis who also produces homemade jams.

PS. If oranges, apricots, peaches aren’t exotic enough for you, don’t miss papilona which is a unique fruit typically made into sweets.

4. Traditional art

Naxos souvenir

Hand-woven fabrics and textiles also make the perfect souvenirs. In Apeiranthos, you’ll discover Women’s Traditional Art Cooperative (located opposite of Panagia Virgin Mary church.) The local art of loom is famous in Naxos, due to a heritage passed down from generations of women. A hand loom is a wooden machine used for weaving fabric since Homer’s era.

5. Pottery

Naxos souvenir pottery
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As you drive through Naxos, you’ll see several pottery galleries and workshops open for travelers to join. This ancient skill and art form is how the traditional sfounis are made, they’re jugs the Greeks use to pour wine. For a famous workshop, look up Manolis Lybertas, who is a fourth-generation potter.

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