EAT: Top 5 Places To Get Your Grub On In Naxos


Since Naxos is an island known for its organic food scene, you must be wondering where to go for a truly fantastic meal. Below is a little bit of everything: foodie’s paradise, cocktails, and really really good bread. Yamas!!!!

Axiotissa – Most Imaginative

Area: Kastraki

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With all that organic goodness in Naxos’ agriculture, the best restaurant to taste farm-to-table dishes is Axiotissa. For the most imaginative and creative meal on the island, here is where even salads are beautiful. Not to mention, the meat comes directly from the chef’s family farm. Pair it with the restaurant’s house wine, you won’t forget this top eatery with interesting recipes and an ever-changing menu.

Apostolis – Best Causal Dining

Area: Old Town

Naxos Greece
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You’ve got lamps in the ceiling, bike on the wall, Apostolis is a fan favorite restaurant serving traditional Greek dishes with a modern twist. Get the cheese bread, it’s creamy, toasty and there’s nothing better than watching strings of cheese stretched away from your mouth. The spot is cute and trendy. Casual but cool.

Metaxy Mas – Best Value

Area: Old Town


Just a few alleys away from tourist hub, Metaxy Mas welcomes you with friendly staff, delicious and affordable dishes. From selections of hard and soft local cheese to grilled seafood, you don’t want to miss specialties of the day. Either sitting inside the restaurant or tucked in its tiny terrace, you’ll feel be submerged in its lovely quaintness.

Citron Café – Cool cocktails

Area: Old Town

Citron Cafe Naxos
Facebook/Citron Cafe, Makris Nikos

Not that Naxos is known for its bar scene, but Citron Café does serve up tasty cocktails. If you don’t have time to visit the famous distillery in Halki, then a stop by Citron in Old Town is a good replacement. Start the day here since it serves breakfast and brunch, sip on coffee. Or end the day here with some kitron-based cocktails.

Velonis Bakery – Best wood fire bread

Area: Chora

Definitely not a fancy joint, but this is the REAL deal. One wooden table, with loafs and bread rolls. If you love carbs, then you’ll want to taste wood fire breads that have become so scarce in the Cyclades. Velonis Bakery has been around since 1922 when fire was lit with brushwood then carried into the oven to provide heat for rocks. A busy place and a good one.

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