Exploring Las Cataratas De Iguazú

The stunning, absolutely incredible Iguazú Waterfalls of Misiones, Argentina is one of the new seven natural wonders of the world.  

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This collection of waterfalls bordering Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay is absolutely breathtaking. UNESCO declared it a World Natural Heritage site in 1986. The native people of this province are the Guaraní. The first to name the falls, “I” means big and “guazú” means water so together Iguazú Falls translates as big water, and let me tell you, that is exactly what it is. To get a sense of how huge the waterfalls are picture this: on average 1,700 cubic meters per second pours over the falls, about 3,000 when it’s raining and during flood seasons it’s almost 6,500 cubic meters per second!

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Another cool fact? Iguazú falls is split between Argentina and Brazil, with the majority of the falls on the Argentine side. But from several points along the trails you can look out and see the other side. Further downstream, about 20 kilometers away from the falls, the Iguazú River joins the Paraná River and it is a triple frontier borderline. From the Three Borders Monument you can be standing in Argentina and see Brazil and Paraguay right across the river. Pretty cool!

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La Garganta del Diablo was one of my favorite spots along the trail. A small, open-air train transports you along the coastline up to the station where you have the opportunity to walk several hundred meters out into the river via long ramps, at the end lies the “devil’s throat” balcony, allowing visitors to witness the huge vortex of water and noise that is the falls. Shifting mist and rainbows add to the allure. The Upper Trail and Lower Circuit provide awesome panoramic views of the falls. I also highly recommend doing the Great Adventure tour—there are several different options that allow you to get on a motor boat and head straight under the falls, an exhilarating experience (be sure to dress accordingly, you will get wet).

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