Oman Rock Climbing Spots

Oman is a sea-surrounded country within the Arabian Peninsula near the Indian Ocean, Sea of Oman, and the Indian Ocean. While deserts and valley terrain are about 82% of Oman’s territory, another 15% involve mountainous geography, which means this travel destination boasts some great rock climbing spots.

Oman climbing spots
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If you love adventure and living life on the edge climbing up mountains you have never visited before, you will enjoy embarking on the many rock climbing spots Oman has to offer. Before you can plan your trip to these attractions, apply for an Oman visa for Indians to gain entry into the country. If you are an Indian citizen, you will need a visa if you plan to stay in Oman for more than 2 weeks. Different visas are for various lengths, so depending on how many times you want to visit Oman in a set period throughout the year, plan accordingly and apply for that corresponding visa.

If you are a native of another country, check the travel requirements based on your citizenship. From there, you can discover if you need to apply for a visa as well.

Hatta Crag

Hatta Crag is one of the more mountainous cliffs that you can climb near Dubai, but its overall location is mainly in Oman. You can climb the Central Area, Eastern Section, Forgotten Wall, or Upper Cave, or if you are energetic enough, you can embark on all of them!

The overall elevation of the mountain is 1,430 feet with the Central Area being the most popular segment to climb. In the Central Area, you can explore the Bat Cave, Above the Fridge, Beyond the Fridge, the Descent Gully, and the main Fridge area.

The Eastern Section is divided into the Eastern Buttress and the Eastern Terrace. It’s mostly a trad area with some places for sport climbing. Forgotten Wall involves four sport routes while the Upper Cave is also primarily a sport climbing terrain.

Going in the eastward direction of Dubai and navigating towards Hatta town utilizing the road signs, you can find this hidden mountain climbing spot about 10km after the Madam roundabout before you officially reach Hatta town. The best time to climb Hatta Crag is in February.


Wonderwall has many areas to explore so you definitely won’t get bored climbing this mountain terrain! The overall elevation is 1,482 feet. Many of the routes throughout the mountain have bolts for you to attach your climbing equipment, but other routes are mainly trad.

These cliffs are a bit more difficult to climb, which makes for a great experience for more expert climbers. The names of the routes have an Arabian flavor and flair to them such as Aladdin’s Lamp, Central Wall, and the Obelisk. You can also explore Spaghetti Western, the Swiss Cheese Wall, the Upper Central Wall, Gondor, Mordor, and Wonderslab. These routes encompass sport climbing for a more challenging effect, but there are some trad routes available.

Shark Fin

Shark Fin is one of the newer rock climbing routes in Northwest Oman that not as many mountain climbers have tried yet. However, it is known that there are four sport climbing routes and two boulder routes within the terrain. Its total elevation is 1,795 feet.

The Womb Raider route is rated 6b while Trencherman, Lactic Labrinythe, and Second Life are all rated 7a routes.

Kubra Canyon

Kubra Canyon is on the shorter side of elevation at 990 feet, which is great for novice and intermediate rock climbers. Mainly consisting of sport route climbs, Kubra Canyon is easily accessible after a quick drive from the Muscat Airport. If you need to camp in your car during your excursion, the terrain makes it easy to do at the canyon’s mouth.

The temperatures could get as high as 91 degrees during March. Be sure to have plenty of fresh water to hydrate during your excursion.


Hadash has the highest elevation of all the rock climbing spots on our list at 4,876 feet. Because of the way the mountainous terrain is shaped, you can be under the shade during the bulk of the day. The terrain is bolted for guided climbing. Because of its elevation being 4 times the size of other rock climbing spots we featured, it’s recommended that expert rock climbers up for the grind brave the journey Hadash has to offer. Available routes include Barney Rubble, the Great Distention, and Spartacus.

Where Do You Plan To Go Rock Climbing In Oman?

Rock climbing not only builds muscle and core strength but also enhances your confidence to conquer literal heights you have never been to before. Remember to always utilize safety equipment to protect your body when embarking on a rock climb.

Which rock climbing spot in Oman are you most excited about? Is there a rock climbing venue in Oman that you frequent but we did not cover on this list? Tell us all about it in the comments! Happy rock climbing!

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