All The Filming Locations Of Netflix’s “Society Of The Snow”

These locations will bring the survivor out of you.

Society of the Snow is a film based on the 72-day long Uruguayan plane crash in the Andes in 1972. This movie was inspired from Pablo Vierci’s book of this tragedy, which is what led to its adaptation. The casting directors chose new actors in order to best resemble the survivors and worked closely with them to depict the story as authentically as possible.

The movie begins with Numa’s (Enzo Vogrincic) friends joking around about the way the mountains suck up anyone who passes over them. A fellow passenger explains the science behind Argentinian warm winds collide with the cold in the mountains, creating a suction effect. He draws a map for Numa to show that the plane can’t simply cross the Andes, although their destination, Santiago, is a straight line.


They are forced to go south, with shorter valleys to cross, before heading back north. Travelers experience intense turbulence as they pass through a thick cloud but only have a split second to relax before they crash into the mountain top, causing the back of the plane to split, leaving everyone stuck in one of the most inaccessible and hostile valleys of the Andes.

Only 16 out of 45 survive for over 72 days, which left only those who force themselves to consume cannibalism to remain alive. Harsh conditions and an avalanche are additional challenges. After more friends died due to calamatous conditions, Nando (Agustín Pardella) goes on an over 10-day expedition to find help with Roberto (Matías Recalt.) A cowboy calls emergency services after finding Nando and Roberto as they were bathing and drinking water from a river, which is how they are all saved.

Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo Society of the Snow
Photo by Netflix España Instagram

Montevideo is where the victims are from, the opening scenes is a rugby match before transitioning to Carrasco Airport. Here, a group picture is taken in front of the plane, and goodbyes are said to loved ones. Uruguay is one of the smallest countries in Latin America and known for its beaches, beef, and delicious mate. Don’t miss the Andes Museum, which is dedicated to the survivors and recounts their stories. To learn more about this country’s quintessential traditions, click here.

Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada Society of the Snow
Photo by Netflix España Instagram

To replicate scenes in a more accessible area, director Juan Antonio García Bayona chose the Sierra Nevada in Granada, Spain. Since this mountain range doesn’t experience snow, it had to be created by using polymers and cellulose. Filming in a less hostile environment allowed production to film scenes such as the avalanche by creating a deep hole, filling it with fake snow, inserting a replica of the plane, and using props to make it as realistic as possible. This man-made set is where most of the crash scenes were filmed, to later be combined with green screen footage of the Andes. Granada is most known for its Andalusian palace called La Alhambra, which dates back to the Nasrid dynasty. Arab, Christian, and Jewish cultural influence is evident in its architecture, markets, and historical sites.

Andes Mountains

Andes Society of the Snow
Photo by Netflix España Instagram

Aerial footage of the Andes was blended with scenes captured in Sierra Nevada. Conditions here proved to be very difficult, although production tried its best to film as many scenes as possible at the real crash site, named El valle de las lagrimas (Valley of tears.)

This filming location is inaccessible due to its hostile and remote nature, but travelers can still explore Chile and Argentina that were the area of filming. Over seven countries border this mountain range, making it the longest ever known. Here, the tallest mountain from the Earth’s core is located, named Mt. Chimborazo in Ecuador, at a height of over 20,000 feet. There is an endless supply of adventurous outdoor activities for travelers to discover; from climbing, hiking, rafting, skiing, snowboarding, to much more.

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