A Circuit Routine To Feel Like A Sexiest Mamacita

This circuit routine will leave you feeling so fresh.

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Is it summer yet? Seriously. I just returned from a weekend in the Canary Islands, holiday glow intact, and Madrid has decided to greet me with wintry blasts of wind and literal rains on my (birthday) parade for the better part of the next week. I expect my holiday tan to be gone by the weekend, which means it’s already time to plan another warm-weather holiday. If the fickle weather where you are also has you dreaming of hot sands and bronzed skin, first, go book that vacation—you will not regret it. Then, do this quick total-body circuit workout that can be done anywhere and will leave you feeling so fresh, so fine, so confident as you drink in the spectacular vistas (and maybe a cold beer too!) on your next beach break.

1. Elbow Plank (1 minute)

travel fitness
PHOTO Sarah Reinbold

Keep forearms parallel, shoulders stacked over elbows, naval drawn in and glutes squeezed.

The most tragically misunderstood of all exercises, planks are the ultimate multi-tasker. If you want to get beach-ready and don’t have a lot of time to do it, introduce one minute of planking into your day. Every single day. Stronger, more pronounced shoulders, flatter abs and a perkier butt will be the rewards—yes, you really can have it all.

2. Kicking Triceps Dip (20x each side)

travel fitness
PHOTO Sarah Reinbold

Start from a reverse tabletop position with knees over ankles and shoulders over wrists, fingertips pointing forward. Extend one leg straight, toes pointed. Bend elbows back, keeping shoulders away from your ears and chest lifted, as you kick your leg straight up.

This gem targets the backs of the arms, as well as the butt, so nothing jiggles as you run/prance across the beach Baywatch-style.

3. Russian Twists (20x from side to side)

travel fitness
PHOTO Sarah Reinbold

Balancing on your tailbone with feet lifted in line with knees, keep your back flat, chest lifted and shoulders down as you press palms together and alternate lifting arms overhead and chopping down on either side of your legs.

This one is all about the lower abs and transverse abdominals (what gives swimsuit models that sexy v-cut). Did you know that you’re apparently more likely to become a millionaire than get six-pack abs? It is possible with a little hard work and dedication, but if dieting on vacation sounds like the ultimate bummer to you, do this exercise, drink a cocktail and don’t worry about it. Health and happiness are more important than washboard abs.

4. Prone Hamstring Extensions (20x)

travel fitness
PHOTO Sarah Reinbold

Starting on your stomach with upper body relaxed and core engaged, squeeze your butt and lift your legs. Keeping feet flexed and legs lifted, slowly bend and extend the legs, pushing fully through the heels on the extension for one rep.

While I was in Tenerife, I managed to explore some more secluded (read: nude) beaches, and there were a few truly enviable butts on display. You can bet they didn’t get butts like that by sitting on them all day. Try this move and then bare it all—if you dare.

5. Elevated Single Leg Circles (20x, alternating sides)

travel fitness
PHOTO Sarah Reinbold

From a supine position with your belly drawn in and lower back pressed firmly into the ground, lift both legs straight up. Circle one leg at a time outward and back up, alternating legs.

Think of this move as the victory lap, as you circle those legs around, sculpting the inner and outer thighs and lower abs.

After you complete this circuit once, continue to repeat it as many times as possible for twenty minutes. When you’re finished, pop on a fierce swimsuit, like this one from Audacia London, available in the Jetset Times Shop, take your sexiest beach selfie (or get your amazing photographer friend to do it!) and post it with #JETSETFITNESS.

Let me know where you’re going on your next beach vacation!

Sarah Reinbold


As founder of Fresh to Death Fitness Madrid, Sarah loves to kick back and relax on one of Spain's breathtaking beaches with a craft beer for the ultimate laid-back vacation.

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