How Your Organization At Home Can Make A Better Travel Life

For the world traveler at home. Make your space an organized, efficient hub.

Look, it’s called a getaway for a reason. But even the most restless of souls needs a place to return to for recharging … and planning your next great adventure. And believe it or not, being intentional with your furnishings and organization at home will make time spent traveling that much better. Here are some tips to get started.

Create a designated travel space.

Whether it’s a closet or a corner in the spare bedroom, you need an area to keep everything you use for travel on a regular basis. Think your favorite carry-on bag, dopp kit, travel adapters, passport cover, etc. This will make packing a snap each time, meaning you spend less time hunting down that down neck pillow you can’t fly without and don’t end up buying duplicates of things you already have.

Organize your command center.

With most of us ditching the travel agent and planning our own itineraries, a good home office is more important than ever. Minimalist designs like this beautiful Sola sit+stand desk from BDI provide ample surfaces for your monitor, laptop and other desktop essentials, while also boasting smart storage and wire management features to keep everything organized and in place.

BDI Sola Office Collection
BDI Sola Office Collection

If you need even more storage, the coordinating filing cabinet features a storage drawer, adjustable shelf, pull-out printer tray and locking file storage. You’ll be able to keep your important documents like passports, visas and timeshare documents secure. And as a bonus, sit+stand desks help with your health, keeping you on your feet and engaged.

Make the most of those mementos.

Fresh-air markets, museum gift shops, one-of-a-kind boutiques and even airport souvenir stands — no judgment! — can prove irresistible to even the most restrained among us. But over time, those mementos can start to pile up. What to do?

First, decide what you really love and the find best ways to display it. The beautiful print you picked up at that masters’ gallery exhibit or that silk shibori scarf you don’t actually see yourself wearing should be taken to the frame shop for a custom job.

Meanwhile, miscellaneous items brought back from your time away can be artfully arranged on gorgeous shelving, like BDI’s sleek and modern Kite Shelf. A clean-lined shelving unit like this won’t steal from the impact of your special items, but it’s solid enough to display even the heaviest mementos.

BDI Six-Tier Kite Shelving
BDI Six-Tier Kite Shelving

And don’t forget about those one-of-kind music CDs you gathered after hearing that local bossa nova group in Sao Paulo. Such eclectic sounds can’t be found on iTunes, so be sure you have a place to store them for safe keeping. Media cabinets that make the most of storage spaces, and also display (or conceal) your favorite electronics are a must for your next at-home jam session.

Schedule some maintenance.

Here’s a little time-management trick: Use your time back home to schedule any tedious but necessary upkeep. Take your shoes to the cobbler and your comforter and coat to the dry cleaner. Have a housekeeping service come in and give your place a good deep-clean. Schedule any landscaping needs such as lawn aeration or tree trimming.

The beauty of maintaining efficient spaces at home is that you can come home from your latest adventure, knowing everything is in its place. Now that’s a truly a welcoming home!

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