Making A Vacation Last A Lifetime Through Your Home

The hardest part of a vacation is that it has to come to an end.

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Whether a day trip or the culmination of the trip of a lifetime, scientific studies show that, unfortunately, the majority of vacationers return to pre-vacation levels of happiness on returning home, and some even develop a specific form of depression. While it’s hard to capture the pure joy of traveling, it doesn’t always have to be like this. By fine-tuning your home to make sure it always bestows the warmth of a vacation, you can ensure that your travels last long after you’ve unpacked your suitcase.

Relaxation areas

The place where you want to be reminded most of your holiday is wherever you relax after the day. For many, this will be the living room or lounge, and their sofa or armchair of choice. This immediately offers a great way to customize your home to be travel-focused. While you’re away, you may well pick up a piece of clothing or fabric that reminds you of the destination. Turkish rugs are one excellent example of this. You can use these to customize your sofa and make them cozier; use those fabrics like a blanket. Also, remember to put your photos up. According to CNN, the dust-off period, in which you pick up forgotten travel photos and get them on display, can be a wonderful boost to well-being.

The power of cooking

The world is defined by its cuisines. One of the first things people investigate when deciding on a destination is the food – will it suit their dietary requirements? Are the flavours available something they enjoy? How does it compare to what they usually eat? Bringing your favorite recipes back into the kitchen and trying your hand at them is a great way to enjoy the flavors of the vacation one again, and can be extended to your interior design. Installing mosaics and terra cotta invokes images of Morocco; rustic wood and abundant plant life in the bars and restaurants of Vietnam.

New focus

Using the lessons you’ve learned on your travels to then apply to your productivity is a powerful way to inspire yourself. Whether on an exciting adventure or enjoying the sights in a calm manner, vacations and traveling provide constant inspiration and a level of mental wellbeing. That wellbeing, according to Forbes, can be transplanted into your work routine to help impart a level of calm that will supercharge your productivity. In your home office, design your room around your travels. You could use a large print of a favorite beach or cityscape to consistently inspire you, and add trinkets and devices to your desk picked up abroad.

Placing mementos of your travels into the home will inspire designs that inspire you to new heights. You may always have one eye on your next travel destination, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, stocking your house with the aura of your completed trips will help to keep you feeling positive the whole year round.

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