5 Amazing Backyard Design Tips

One of the most appealing factors of owning a single-family home is the yard.

Backyard design
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Unlike with a townhome, apartment, condo, or apartment, a standalone home comes with its own outdoor living space. Yet, for most people, these yard spaces are totally underutilized. This gives the average homeowner an amazing opportunity to add value, versatility, and function to their home with a few simple improvements. 

Most Americans Want a Better Yard

Research shows that 88 percent of Americans are dissatisfied with their current outdoor spaces. Two of three say they’re specifically dissatisfied with its style, while 56 percent say it’s lacking in functionality, and 45 percent wish it was more comfortable.

But here’s the irony of it all: 90 percent of Americans say their outdoor living space is the most valuable part of their entire property – something that became quite apparent in the middle of the pandemic. 

“What we are seeing with Americans is greater reliance on the backyard as an extension of the home,” says entrepreneur Kris Kiser, who owns a turf company. “It’s not just a place that looks pretty – it’s a place to live and do daily activities such as working, dining, and relaxing. They’ve discovered that ‘backyarding’ is a better way to live and there’s no turning back.”

An estimated 84 percent of Americans are planning to invest more into their yard in the near future, including making upgrades to landscaping, as well as investing in new features.

5 Ways You Can Improve Your Backyard Design

Not sure where you should start? Here are several helpful tips and strategies:

Plan Out Your Backyard

Don’t go into your backyard design project without a plan. Take some time to figure out a master plan for how you want to fix up and renovate your space. There are plenty of different ways you can do this – including using planning software – but there’s nothing wrong with grabbing a pencil and some paper to sketch things out by hand.

Mark where you want specific areas to be. By dividing the space into zones, you can create a cohesive backyard that exudes purpose. For example, you might have a garden zone, a play zone, a seating zone, and a grilling zone. 

Add Lush Landscaping

You can really bring your backyard to life with some intentional landscaping, including lush greenery and colorful flowers that add a little visual pop. 

Not sure where to start? Visit your local garden center and select some plants that are native to your area and/or are known to thrive here. Speak with a landscaper to figure out how you can create a mixture of flowers and greenery for a vibrant look. 

Think About All Four Seasons

There’s no sense in limiting your family to three seasons of enjoyment in your backyard. Be creative and think of ways to make your backyard functional and enjoyable all year round – even in the colder winter months. 

One easy option is to get a propane patio heater that you can set up on your deck or brick pavers. Most of these heaters run on 20-pound propane tanks, which gives you over 10 hours of burn time.

Prioritize Privacy

It’s difficult to relax and enjoy your backyard to the fullest if you’re constantly on display for all of your neighbors to see. This is why it’s smart to think about privacy. The more you can introduce privacy features into your backyard design, the better. Options include canopies, tall trees and shrubbery, plants, water features, and privacy fences.

Add Your Own Personal Touch

Make sure you put some of your personality into your backyard. Too much ‘Pinterest inspiration’ will leave your yard looking like a boring, copy-and-pasted space. Do things that scream “you.”

Hang wind chimes, set up quirky garden gnomes, or place colorful rugs under your seating area. Consider using recycled items like old tires as planters or creating DIY art pieces to add charm. Your backyard is your canvas – let your creativity run wild!

Show Your Backyard Some Love

It’s about time that you show your backyard some attention. And if you’re going to do it, why not do it the right way? Plan ahead, be thoughtful about where you invest your time and money, and don’t forget to hire professionals when the project is outside of your comfort zone. 

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