How To Make Your New Living Situation Feel Like Home

A great way to transition into a new living situation with ease.

home decor
My newest collage that I put up in my room. Photo: Storrey Lance

We all love traveling and seeing the world and experiencing new cultures. I, myself, love immersing myself in entirely new environments and pushing myself to view life from the perspective of the local community. I love seeing the beauty in the global diversity. However, I can also get very homesick. Many people struggle with feeling lonely or lost in a new environment, especially if you’re moving into a new living situation.

My advice is to let yourself feel that sadness and then to get out into the world and experience everything that your new environment has to offer! I also advise making your living space feel like home. Pack a couple extra items to use to spice up your space and make it feel like YOURS.

home decor
My first collage that I made two years ago. Photo: Storrey Lance

My favorite ways to do this are to hang up photos, garlands, and lights to make my room feel homey. It is important that you feel comfortable and safe in your space. My favorite thing to do is to create massive wall-sized collages. I cover entire walls with magazine clippings. I love this medium of decoration because it’s unique, creative, and it requires very little materials. All you need is a roll of scotch tape, scissors, and a couple magazines with awesome photos. You can even find new magazines in your new city in order to add a little extra individuality to your project.

home decor
My own photos that I put up around my calendar. Photo: Storrey Lance

Another great way to decorate is to bring pictures of family and friends and memories that you cherish. Hanging these mementos on your wall is a good way to feel connected to your life back home while allowing you to develop a new life abroad.

Spending the time to decorate your room, even a little bit, will help you feel connected to it and allow you to feel more comfortable in it. It is proven that feeling comfortable in your living space and flexing your creative muscle both promote positive mental health. And once your mental health is taken care, you will be free to enjoy the incredible place you are now living in.

Whether you’re traveling the world or going to college, it can be seriously beneficial to transform your space into something that can feel like home away from home. This is a great way to transition into a new living situation with ease.

home decor
Enjoying breakfast next to the collage in my living room. Photo: Storrey Lance

Storrey Lance


Storrey's passion for travel has never stopped, including studying abroad in Italy. She's a foodie, vegetarian & loves to bake pies.

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