Overcoming Pre-Travel Anxiety? No Problem.

Shake off your anxiety ridden days.

Whether you are packing for a weeks, months, or years long travel, the pre-travel jitters that come along with anxiety can often make unwanted comebacks each time you start packing your bags. While boarding your flight or feeling scatter brained sitting on your living room floor surrounded by clothes and travel sized everything, travel anxiety is debilitating to the body and mind. In these moments, this list of eight tips and tricks are helpful to keep in mind and could aid in shaking off anxiety ridden days.

Noa Covell


Noa is a true New Yorker and thrives on a non-stop, busy lifestyle. She’s loves staying active and is always looking forward to the next adventure that crosses her path. When she’s not on the move, you can find her watching Animal Planet or trying a new pasta recipe.

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