What To Do If Your Flight Gets Delayed Or Canceled 

The worst nightmare for many travelers is to have to deal with a flight delay.

What to Do if Your Flight Gets Delayed or Canceled
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This perfectly explains why reaching the airport at least two hours before your flight is recommended. Regarding flight delays, your app might show you that your flight is delayed – but – in reality, this might not be the case as a flight can potentially be subjected to change.

If you are a frequent traveler, you might have experienced it yourself. Some flights are suddenly ready to take off earlier, which can also leave some passengers behind. Sometimes, you can get a flight confirmation in advance, whereas the flight in question has been delayed.

Nonetheless, on the safe side, you will want to reach the airport in time as you might never know what to expect. Sometimes the cause of delay is temporary, such as bad weather. If the cause of the flight delay is bad weather, the delay is lifted as soon as the weather gets better.

On the safe side, you will want to monitor weather patterns and see if you should anticipate any major changes. You will want to be mentally prepared and check the weather the night before your flight to see how the weather could potentially affect your departure.

If you see approaching bad weather, you will want to see whether you could opt for an earlier flight. Now more airlines are enabling travelers to upgrade their flying plans with no fare difference before serious weather issues happen, such as thunderstorms and ice storms. Some airlines will even happily change the flight for you if they feel that the bad weather might jeopardize your flight.

Additionally, if you’re considering staying overnight near the airport due to potential delays or early departures, it’s worth checking out the cheapest weekly rate hotels in the vicinity. Not only can they provide a cost-effective solution, but they also offer the convenience of being close to the airport, ensuring you’re always on time for your flight.

Nonetheless, here is what you will want to do if your flight gets delayed:

Get Access to Airport Lounge

If you have a membership of an airline club of the airline that you frequently fly with, then you may retreat to a lounge until the flight takes off. If your flight is delayed for a few houses, you can head to the airline lounge and get professional help from experienced agents.

You can retreat to the airport lounge to stretch a bit, collect your thoughts, recharge your tech devices, and consider your next move. Talk to the agents at the lounge, as they might be able to help you change your flight.

Retreating to an airport lounge is also advised if you are dealing with temporary issues, such as bad weather. You can wait out the bad weather in a calmer spot instead of waiting out in a crowded terminal with other passengers entering your personal space.

Opt for Rebooking Your Flight

Depending on your plans, there could be a time when you are in an urgent situation where you really cannot handle a delay, in which case, you will want to consider rebooking your flight. Even though rebooking a flight won’t be covered by a carrier or an insurance provider – yet – sometimes it is the only way to reach your destination.

Suppose you are flying with a UK airline; you will want to know your airline’s rights and the key points where the airline will be obligated to compensate you for your lost time from the long flight delays. Many passengers aren’t aware that they are legally entitled to get compensated for their delayed flights, such as the UK delayed flight compensation where the law favors you. 

But in the event of “extraordinary circumstances,” the airline can be released from its liability to pay compensation.

If you are a British passenger, then under EU Regulation 261, you can claim compensation for up to £520 if you experience more than three hours of flight delays. For the claim to be valid, the U airline must take responsibility, such as taking responsibility for delays caused by operational difficulties.

As a British passenger, your flight will be covered if it was from the EU/UK or if the flight departed from the EU/UK. 

Opt for Airport Hotels

If you find yourself in a situation where you are struck with a flight delay or cancellation, you will want to have a peaceful spot to think about your next moves. In the case of major flight cancellations and delays, you can expect the airport hotels to fill up swiftly.

Sometimes – it is for the better to cancel the plan of getting home and staying at a hotel instead. This way, you can get some proper rest and try catching a flight the next morning.

It is important to mention here that in the case of delay, each airline has its own policies for delayed passengers. So, you will want to check in with the respective airline before opting for airport hotels.

Get a Refund

If you face some major delays, you will want to get a refund or compensation. If an airline refuses your fund, you will want to hire a lawyer and get the due compensation. The last thing you want to do is settle for an airline voucher that will eventually expire.

If you aren’t sure about the cancellation and refund option of your airline ticket, you might want to contact an airline employee for assistance – either in person – or over the phone. Always remember your rights and reassess your credit card protections.

It doesn’t matter if you will have to make an effort to read some fine print – but – at least you will know about the things that you are entitled to, such as accommodations and expense reimbursement. Many travel credit cards offer insurance for trip delays that can save you some serious money when you are stuck.

Now a trip delay insurance might not necessarily protect your flights from getting delayed or canceled – the insurance will essentially help you with covering those expenses while you wait for the next flight.

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