How To Recharge Quickly After A Long Flight

If you fly frequently, you are likely very familiar with this scenario. You enjoy your flight blissfully, hoping to touch down at home or another overseas country, and can’t wait to hit the ground running.

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Only it never works out quite like that, does it?

The feeling of exhaustion, lethargy, headaches, and a queasy stomach are all too common. Almost like a hangover, only you were on juice and coffee the entire time. Yup, jetlag!

What Is Jetlag?

Understanding travel-related exhaustion makes it much simpler to find and understand remedies to eliminate or minimize it. Your circadian rhythm is your internal body clock that helps control certain actions like eating and sleeping. The effects you get after a long flight result from an interruption in your circadian rhythm. Traveling through different time zones is mostly to blame for this.

Typically, the more time zones you cross, the more severe your symptoms become.

Because work or your personal life might necessitate such travel, your best bet is to find ways to manage the resultant jet lag. Here are some tips to get you started.

1.   Adjust Your Sleep Time

Jet lag is often worse when flying east than west. Interestingly, when flying west, your body thinks the days are getting longer. The reverse happens when flying east.

By changing your sleep cycle gradually towards your flight, you get your body adapted to this system. If you will be going east, sleep earlier and wake up earlier than usual. If you will be flying west, sleep later and wake up later than you typically would. Increase the time increments gradually until you compensate for the time difference fully.

2.   Be Creative About Arrival Times

If you have the option, opt for night arrivals rather than morning ones. Here is why.

Arriving in the morning means you will have all day to contend with your symptoms. And for most people, it is hard to find sleep during the day. When you arrive late in the evening, it might be easier to get some good rest without struggling too much.

3.   Get some CBD In You

CBD can help relieve pain, ease stress, elevate your mood, and even settle a nauseous tummy. It can also help you relax enough to doze off, which will help you wake up less fatigued, alert, and focused. Today, many CBD products are available from online shops like Zamnesia in a variety of forms, including liquids, powders, capsules, and tinctures

A 7 gram jar of moonrocks will easily fit into your travel bag to provide the much-needed relief. However, ensure that you confirm the legality of any CBD product you may want to carry with you before you depart for another country.

4.   Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

The air on planes tends to be very dry, which increases your levels of dehydration.

Things like coffee and alcohol might feel great for the moment, but your jetlag will likely be worse. This is because these are dehydrating beverages.

Instead, opt for good old plain water or hydrating juices before and throughout your entire flight. You will not get a buzz to lull you to sleep, but your body will thank you once you land.

If you get extreme jet lag that affects your ability to function, you can also consider IV hydration therapy.

5.   Plan a Stopover

If you have the budget for it, try planning for a stopover mid-flight. Breaking up your flight and getting a decent night’s sleep and fresh air can do wonders for travel-related symptoms.

You can stay a night or more at one of the stopover cities along the way and enjoy the sites, food, and cultures before catching the next flight. While this will cost you a little more, most flights with stopovers offer flyers significant discounts.


All you need is to plan well, be creative about your travel, and hydrate for a more comfortable landing. In time, these actions will become second nature, and you can enjoy all your travels without the much-dreaded jet lag.

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