Top 10 Airlines That Have Student Discounts

Traveling has been made relatively affordable within the past decade. That’s mostly due to low-costers and cheaper accommodation. Even the most expensive hotels take part in this lottery sometimes, offering their rooms at a symbolic price.

airlines student discounts

People have been trained to wait for discounts or buy out hot deals without hesitation. If you are good at this save-as-much-as-you-can game, you can save up to 50% of the entire travel budget. Sounds good?

It’s especially relevant for students who are strong enough to endure long-distance travel physically but have no finances. They are always most interested in saving another dollar and look for an opportunity to do that.

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If you are one of these students who can’t cut essay writing expenses out of their monthly budget, no worries. The good news is that some airlines can help you get some of your cash back. You just have to remember that you are entitled to a student discount, which sometimes reaches 20%-25% of the fare.

Interested in the companies offering those discounts? Here is our top list.

American Airlines

This airline has a long history of promotions, sales, and discounts for students. The rules have changed over time. However, the idea is the same: you must have a valid student ID to claim a price discount.

Moreover, lots of special offers and discounts are available for students through the AAdvantage frequent flyer program. Even if you don’t fly that much, it’s still recommended to register with the portal to get notified of the most recent offers.


Even though Emirates Airlines have a reputation for being fancy and expensive, they still care about students. This company is not only cutting 10% off of the ticket price but provides an extra 10 kg of baggage allowance to every student.

To get a discount, you’ll need to receive a promo code from the airline’s customer support. To do that, you must be able to prove that you are a student. A student ID will do, as well as the acceptance letter from the institution.


A famous German air carrier offers student deals on various international destinations. The discount is only available to students aged 12-25. Proof of status is needed to claim a discount.

Student discounts from Lufthansa are usually very generous. Even though the eligibility criteria are stricter, it’s definitely worth it when you see your savings. However, do check all fares and forums before confirming the transaction.

Singapore Airlines

Being one of the world’s best airlines for over 25 years, Singapore Airlines have nice offers for students. All you need to do to become eligible for a discount is to register with the KrisFlyer program and prove your student status.

As soon as you do all that, you’ll get not only quantifiable benefits. You also get a chance to travel with a 40 kg of baggage allowance. What’s more, student status gives you a chance to change your ticket as many times as you need for free.

Cathay Pacific

Airlines specializing in the Pacific region have also enabled a democratic student discount system. Regardless of their destination, students can make a discounted booking by December 31. To prove their status, they need to have a valid International Student Identity Card or a letter of acceptance.

In addition to a lower price, some destinations will offer extra baggage allowance to students. These bonuses are subject to negotiation. We advise you to contact the customer support team before making a reservation.

Turkish Airlines

Turks are also aiming to acquire more student travelers. For that reason, students with their Miles&Smiles account activated will have a 20% discount on domestic flights and 10% off international ones.

Additionally, the company allows students to change their booking once for free. Students can take up to 40 kg of baggage allowance on certain flights. Moreover, they will receive 25% more miles per flight completed.

Pakistan International Airlines

Students traveling to and from Pakistan can benefit from a discount of 10% on all Pakistan International Airlines fares. If they book tickets as a group, the discount grows to 15%. To get these discounts, students have to visit a PIA counter and present their documents to the airline staff.

Delta Airlines

Student discount fares are also common on both domestic and international flights with Delta Airlines. This airline often unites with the Virgin Atlantic, Alitalia, and Air-France-KLM flights to provide even more opportunities to students. Together with its partners, Delta Airlines makes the world’s biggest transatlantic network. Most often, students can apply their discounts for the whole trip regardless of how many segments it has.

United Airlines

This airline has a reputation as the one providing the lowest fares on both domestic and international flights. These prices are even lower for students. You can book your ticket 11 months in advance at a low cost, but don’t forget to provide your student ID. Those traveling in large groups get even bigger discounts.

Southwest Airlines

Airlines student discount

Cheap flight deals for students are available on Southwest Airlines as well. These discounts are especially crucial during the holidays or spring breaks. This is the best time to save money on travel. You can save even more if you find a group to fly with.

Many airlines, except for low-costers, have quite liberal pricing policies for students. You just need to ask for a discount if you are eligible. Sometimes, even the fanciest and the most expensive fares can become affordable if you use your student card.


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