3 Essential Pieces Of Travel Gear For Your Next Trip

Three things you will never find me on the road without.


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Narrowing down your travel gear for long hauls (or even short hauls) on the road can be a challenge. Below are three things you will never find me on the road without, along with a few honorable mentions that usually make the cut as well.

1. U-Shaped Neck Pillow

Neck pillows are 100% game changers—I’ll never again take a long flight without one. These days I rarely ever take a short flight without one. For lack of a better word, I used to think that neck pillows were for travel ‘wimps.’ At some point, however, this whole “travel opens up your mind” business persuaded me to at least give one a shot. And oh my sweet, sweet glory—it was life changing. As it turns out, you can experience the grunge of the road while also having a good night of sleep—or at least a decent one. I’m also concerned about luggage space, which isn’t a problem as there are many options for inflatable neck pillows that can be easily tucked away when not in use.

2. A high quality travel journal and pen

Recording the small moments and grandeur thoughts that come about while traveling is simply more enjoyable while writing in a high quality journal. It’s like drinking fine wine—you may not know why it’s better, but it just damn well is. Moleskine journals will never do you wrong. I’d also recommend ordering journals online from Gallery Leather, where you can choose to personalize your journal with your name or a favorite quote printed on the cover (also makes for a great gift). And buy a nice pen—it’s worth it.

3. Exofficio Travel Underwear



Exofficio travel underwear is the ultimate piece of travel clothing—comfortable, breathable, odor resistant, can be hand washed easily, and dries quickly. There are options for both men and women. I go with the boxer briefs, which I often use to double as swimming shorts—which means I’m always prepared for a swim!

Honorable mentions:

  • Guitar
  • A good book (or three)
  • Deck of cards
  • Sunscreen
  • Travel towel
  • Eye mask for sleeping
  • REI Flashpack backpack for daytime walking

What’s your must-have item in your luggage? Share with us in the comments.

Taylor Winchell

Don't be surprised if you catch Taylor on the road with a notebook and a guitar. Of all the places he's visited, Spain and Croatia are his favorites. Above all, eh's got a killer travel motto: Make mistakes in the right kinds of ways.

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