6 Reasons The Smokies Are Best For A Family Summer Vacation

Whenever people think of a perfect family summer vacation, they think of beaches, right?

The Smokies are best for a family summer vacation
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Well, beaches are fun, but we believe that they aren’t the perfect summer vacation destination. A trip to the mountains is better suited as a getaway from city life. Consider visiting the beautiful Smoky Mountains this summer! With mesmerizing mountain views, beautiful cabins, and tons of fun things to do, the Smoky Mountains are where you need to go for the summer with your family!

Summer is the best time to visit the Smoky Mountains. The energizing sunny weather and the gorgeous forests being in full bloom just make the Smoky Mountains the best place to be during summer, when the sun gets super hot in the city. Additionally, there are so many fun activities you can plan outdoors in the Great Smokies during this season.

Accommodation in the Smoky Mountains:

People often worry about accommodations in the Smoky Mountains and think it might not be a suitable vacation spot for families. That is not true at all. Since the mountains are a popular tourist spot, several cabins and resorts are available for families and travel groups. Accommodations may range from 1 bedroom to 3 bedroom cabins and luxurious suites. You can even check out some really comfortable and affordable North Carolina cabin rentals if you decide to visit the Smoky Mountains this summer with your family.

You can easily get top-notch cabins that suit all your needs during a vacation.

Reasons Why the Smoky Mountains Are Perfect For Summer Vacations:

If you are one of those who want to know why they should be visiting the Smoky Mountains with their family this summer, let us give you all the reasons. You will surely find the Smoky Mountains the best summer vacation destination to take your family to.

1. Countless outdoor activities.

The Smoky Mountains offer countless outdoor activities that families can enjoy during summer vacations. You can go hiking through the blooming and beautiful forests with your family. You can ride through the mesmerizing areas on an ATV and hop onto the zip-line as well in the beautiful mountains!

There are stables in the area where you can engage in horseback riding. In the Pigeon River, you can have fun with water rafting! The possibilities for fun are endless. You will be able to have the best summer vacation possible with your family, as everyone will get to enjoy engaging in activities that they find best.

2. Historical aspect.

The Smoky Mountains have a rich historical background as well. Along with a relaxing & fun-filled vacation, you get to see the history of the place. You can see the one-room churches, farms, and cottages of the Cades Cove that display the old town life. The Newfound Gap, which is the lowest pass through the Smoky Mountains, is a sight to behold. In the Elkmont area, you will be able to see the remains of the old logging community. Also, the Walker Sisters’ Cabin in the Smoky Mountains is a log cabin that dates back to the 1800s.

The Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail is also a good history-filled location that you will love to walk through. All in all, exploration of the historical spots will make your summer vacation in the Smoky Mountains even better.

3. Delicious food!

Food is an important consideration when people decide which place to go to for their summer vacation. The Smoky Mountains offer the most delicious food possible! The seafood is savory, and other food options are top-notch as well.

Apart from traditional Smoky Mountains cuisine, you will be able to get Chinese, French, Italian, Mexican, and many more types of food there too.

4. Experience the wildlife.

To see the wildlife in Smoky Mountains is an amazing experience. The wildlife is highly active during the summers. So, if you spend your summer vacation with your family in the Smoky Mountains, you will surely be able to see the elks, deer, turkeys & bears in the national park area.

Before you wonder about this, as long as you comply with the laws, you will be able to safely see the wildlife and have an awesome vacation! Along with the large animals, the Smoky Mountains also contain more than 15 species of salamander.

5. Lots of waterfalls!

The Smoky Mountains are home to lots of beautiful waterfalls! Summertime is the best for visiting and enjoying these waterfalls in the Smoky Mountains.

The waterfalls are the perfect spots to cool off and relax on warm summer days. There are many famous waterfall hikes, such as:

  • The Laurel Falls Trail.
  • The Spruce Flats Falls.
  • Abrams Falls Trail.

These are just some of the famous names. There are a lot more waterfalls to see! Waterfalls are not very common, and therefore, their existence in the Smoky Mountains enhances it as a summer vacation spot. Everybody would love to hike through the beautiful trails to end up at a magical waterfall!

6. Convenient & scenic travel.

For people in the US, traveling to the Smoky Mountains is a shorter trip as compared to other vacation destinations. The drive to the Smoky Mountains takes roughly 3 to 3.5 hours from Atlanta, Georgia. The drive is not just shorter but also filled with scenic views.

Nobody likes traveling for many hours to reach a vacation destination. Most of the other summer vacation destinations also lack beautiful views. This is another reason why the Smoky Mountains win when it comes to natural vacation spots.

So, as you can see, the Smoky Mountains offer immense fun for families. With good accommodation options, quality food, and many fun activities options, every family will have a wonderful vacation in the Smoky Mountains.

The Smoky Mountains are also very convenient economically as compared to other summer vacation destinations for families. Hence, you will not have to spend a lot of fortune to have a good vacation with your family.

From most of the major areas and cities, the travel to the Smoky Mountains is not a long one. Traveling for long durations can be tiresome for families. This is where the Smoky Mountains win the top spot as the perfect family vacation destination! The roads to the Smoky Mountains are filled with scenic natural beauty that will mesmerize you and your family.

Your family will surely love the entire adventure, and you will be able to make beautiful memories that will last a lifetime!

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