Road To 50 Part 22: Georgia

Georgia offers nature, a small coastline, and Atlanta as a cosmopolitan epicenter.

Discover Atlanta
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Georgia is a diverse state, full of different points of interest for travelers. It contains parks and mountains in the north, a small coastline in the Southeast, and the large metro area of Atlanta in the northwest. Atlanta is a prominent and still growing power in the country. With TV studios and major networks in this city, the media presence is major. Because Atlanta is a large, influential hub, it has immense culture woven in its city fabric. I visited Georgia once in 2007, making it the only state I have not been to in the last decade (of the ones I have visited). Though memories are distant, I remember going to an elegant location outside of Atlanta for a wedding and driving through the northern portion of the state.


Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park
FACEBOOK Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park

Since Atlanta is an influential city in the South, the metro area is expansive. Fun fact: Atlanta’s airport is the busiest in America. I drove through the city in my only visit, and I can tell you it’s huge hence I want to go back and explore.

Since I did not venture in downtown Atlanta, here are some things I would’ve loved to do as if I were visiting. There are diverse branches of attractions and history rooted in the city, including: MLK Jr. Historical Park, and the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. There are also Coca Cola Factory and SkyView Atlanta, a Ferris Wheel affording you views of the stunning skyline. For media lovers, there is CNN Studio Tours and Atlanta Movie Tours.

There is unique cuisine in Atlanta and the entire state, with fried chicken, barbecue, pecan pie, and any dis with peaches. After all, it’s called the Peach State.

On a side note, more movies and TV shows are being filmed in Atlanta due to it being cheaper than California. If you get lucky, you may see some filming in the works. I have seen four or five that have been filmed in the Atlanta area.

World of Coca-Cola
FACEBOOK World of Coca-Cola

Stone Mountain

My family drove through Atlanta to reach this town, and we attended wedding festivities in the gorgeous Stone Mountain Park area. This is a small region with a golf club, a lake, an inn, and a gigantic, jagged mountain. I remember driving into the new and elegant golf club with perfect gray brick pillars at the entrance. The large stone mountain for which this area was probably named after was outstanding. A suburban mini-resort with a spacious grassland for golf, a small lake for paddling, and a majestic mountain topping it off was an ideal place to enjoy a wedding and metro Atlanta.

Stone Mountain Manor
PHOTO Stone Mountain Manor

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