5 Little Things To Consider Before You Decide To Travel

Whether you are a frequent traveller or someone who is deciding to travel for the first time, traveling somewhere new and different from your home country can be a culture shock.

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In our day-to-day lives our autopilot may turn on as we go about our daily tasks, especially if we are comfortable with wherever and whoever we are with. However, when visiting a new country, we can’t always depend on our autopilot. The language and cultural norms can be vastly different from what we are used to, as well as the rules and regulations. Below are some things to consider about traveling before jetsetting off to a new destination.

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1. You obviously want to be prepared and research where you are planning to go.

However, another important aspect of this research is researching yourself. Did you finally find a time to take a break from your career? Relaxing in a foreign country, on a beach or an all-inclusive hotel could be a perfect break for you. Our work and family can create restrictions but it’s important to welcome and embrace them. I know some of my best experiences have come from plans that may have been confined by certain boundaries.

If you decide not to put up and boundaries for yourself, whether physically, mentally or socially, the world and it’s experiences are limitless. You can walk, explore and experience anything your heart desires while also acknowledging your own inner capabilities. Some adventures may take you out of your comfort zone, but the journey of learning new skills and knowledge through this should always be welcomed. No matter who we are we can always learn from the people and the earth around us.

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2. Along with researching yourself, you should always take the essentials that you use and need on a daily basis.

That way no time is wasted looking for those things while travelling or risking a health incident if you don’t have what you need. Having these items, and researching if there are any vaccines needed for where you want to travel is a great idea. Also there are some great apps that you can download that will translate the language to your given country

3. Checking reviews in your given destination is important, whether it’s a hotel, cruise, or a guided tour.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry when traveling to a new country. And don’t just check one review, check multiple, over different websites and pages. These places may also help by giving you extra recommendations on what to do or what to avoid. When it comes to ‘avoid’, definitely check the government requirements and other sourced travel advisories, and act accordingly.

4. Traveling for leisure is always exciting and what you end up packing can vary depending on where you plan to go.

Should you pack light or heavy? It’s usually better to pack lighter, as less is more. If you know yourself and how you will acclimate to your surroundings, it’s easier to figure out how much or how little you want to pack. It is a gift to discover new parts or yourself through exploration and adventures with new people and places.

PHOTO Jennifer Levy

5. The most important thing is learning about yourself.

You can learn a lot from others, and the countries they call home. In turn, share the wisdom, the laughter and challenges that you may have received. Share your story, your tips and tricks for travel. Discover a new place, do your research, be prepared and get creative! Feel like traveling yet?

Article written by JENNIFER SPRING LEVY, Consultant and Real Estate Broker

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