This Is How Mariah Carey Does St. Bart’s

Mariah does St. Bart’s island glam with glass bottom kayaks and shooting stars!

Mariah Carey St. Barts
INSTAGRAM @mariahcarey

Mariah Carey sure knows how to kick off the new year, completely in style, in St. Bart’s. The 49-year-old showcases her incredible figure in a sparkly lavender bikini, letting the world know that divahood just keeps getting better. Here’s how to do the luxurious Caribbean island like the five-time Grammy winner.

1. Hit up Nikki Beach.

Mariah St. Barts
INSTAGRAM @mariahcarey

Mariah was invited to perform a New Year’s Eve gig at St. Bart’s super hotspot, Nikki Beach. The most legendary beachfront lounge welcomes elites, celebs, and party hoppers.

2. Cruise on a transparent bottom kayak.

Along with her seven-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe, the singer wore a wetsuit to soak in the warm waters of St. Barts on a glass bottom kayak. The tour is the perfect activity to do with kids, and there are even tours offered at the beach.

3. Gaze at shooting stars.

Mariah Carey St. Barts
INSTAGRAM @mariahcarey

You’ll see that in St. Barts, the sky is so clear, it’s often decked out in sparkles. Carey saw as many as a dozen, according to the DailyMail she said, “I saw 12 shooting stars last night!”

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