SHOP: 10 Local Boutiques In St. Bart’s You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

Chic but stylish boutiques in two major shopping neighborhoods: Gustavia and St. Jean.

Tip! Boutiques typically close for lunch from 12 p.m. – 3 p.m. They remain open until 7 p.m. You’ll find that many stores also close on Wednesday afternoons.

Vanita Rosa
Facebook: Vanita Rosa

Besides all the big honcho brands you’ll see in Gustavia including Hermès and Cartier, the more interesting type of shopping in St. Bart’s is discovering local boutiques that focus on high quality products that are naturally sourced while assimilating the styles to Caribbean island freedom.

Shopping in St. Bart’s is a must simply because it’s a duty free island and there are more than 200 shops for you to drop some mad cash. Many designers arrive in St. Bart’s from France and have had experiences in the fashion world as stylists or designers. If you wanted to shop on any of the Caribbean islands, these boutiques are it!

1. Pati De St Barth - Clothing for women, men & kids

At Pati De St Barth, you’ll be able to find all sorts of local-inspired outfits at the concept store located in Gustavia and St. Jean. The style is relaxed and beachy with pieces made from natural fabrics especially in organic cotton and pima cotton from Peru. From cover-ups and light cashmere, this is a must-stop if you’re shopping for a couple, a family, or just your awesome self!

Pati de St Barth
Facebook: Pati de St Barth

2. Lolita Jaca - Womenswear

A staple in St. Bart’s fashion scene, Lolita Jaca is a local brand that is synonymous with St. Bart’s lifestyle. The bohemian style is inspired by the designer Faby Jaca’s travels around the world, starting from Asia all the way to Europe. Very laidback but ultra chic, Jaca’s designs are light, making them ideal for packing. The price point is compensated by the detailed embroidering and a refined fabrication process. You’ll find beautiful silk tunics and lovely crochet dresses that are made for your beach vacay.

Lolita Jaca
Instagram: lolitajaca

3. Baya - Home Accessories

The owner, Sonia, places a large photograph of her grandmother, Baya – a Berber Tunisian woman – draped in traditional Touareg fashion. The store is filled with accessories from around the world, including Portuguese candles, Bolivian textiles, Moroccan pillows, lighting from Egypt…etc. Even if you’re not on the lookout for home decor, Baya is a gorgeous store waiting to give you a shot of inspiration.


4. Clic - Concept Store

This concept store in Gustavia carries a wide range of collections of coffee table books, linen dresses, and even photography by local photographer Sebastian Martinon. Some of our favorites are Kate Young Sunglasses for Tura, Apolis Bags, and a Life Size Sheep Stool Curly Brown (cute!). Opened by former stylist Christiane Celle in 2009, Clic started as a bookstore and a gallery. Today, it has grown into an extraordinarily curated concept store where you can lose yourself inside for hours.

Instagram: clic

5. Le Cellier du Gouverneur - Wine Cellar

You’re practically in France, so indulging in a few bottles of good wine is a total must! Le Cellier du Gouverneur has an outstanding reputation as the local IT wine shop with a historical exterior. Located in Gustavia, you’ll be able to find more French labels here more than anything else (surprised?) But the best part about this place is its wide range of wines and prices. You can find anything from a great vintage to an affordable but fantastically refreshing rosé here.

Cellier du Gouverneur
Facebook: Cellier du Gouverneur

6. Ligne St. Barth - Natural Beauty Products

LIGNE ST BARTH is the local go-to boutique for excellent beauty products made with premium quality. This family business has been doing this for thirty years and they’re passionate about using solely natural ingredients with floral scents that will fill your life with Caribbean air. Locally produced in St. Bart’s, you’ll be able to bring home location beauty goods that are truly from the island.

Ligne St Barth
Facebook: Ligne St Barth

7. Poupette St. Barth - Womenswear

Founded by Poupette Giraud in 1995, Poupette St Barth (which means “little doll of St. Bart’s) has been another local brand that speaks to the freedom and easiness of St. Bart’s local style. You’ll find endless tunics and dresses here that work so well with beaches during the day and romantic dinners at night. Poupette was the founder’s childhood nickname, and the store exudes the story of a woman who arrived in St. Bart’s in 1979 and began her own clothing boutique and another famous restaurant on the island: Le Tamarin. Truly repping the idea of Joie de Vivre, Poupette St Barth is romantic yet practical.

Poupette St Barth
Facebook: Poupette St Barth

8. Chamade - Souvenirs

For something with St. Bart’s written all over, check out Chamade. Every city has one of these souvenir boutiques, even in chill but glitzy St. Bart’s. Chamade has tote bags, jewelries, sarongs, and baseball caps that are exclusively branded with St. Bart’s on them. Something to show off your trip with!

Instagram: Chamade

9. La Case Piment Vert - Linens

Highly recommend La Case Piment Vert for lovely bed linens, bath towels, tablecloths…etc. The owner, Valérie, is incredibly dedicated to designing fabrics that are technically and biologically adapted to our natural environment while maintaining the Caribbean relaxing aesthetics. Check out the bath linen collection made from natural bamboo fiber, linen, organic cotton, cashmere, silk cotton, Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton, American cotton, and antibacterial cotton. You can also ask for customization at the store.

La Case Piment Vert St Barth
Facebook: La Case Piment Vert St Barth

10. Vanita Rosa - Womenswer

If you ever wonder what the ultimate style of a French woman living in St. Bart’s is like, then welcome to Vanita Rosa. You’ll discover plenty of lightweight linen and silk with flowy and comfortable cuts. Colorful yet easy breezy. Bohemian chic is the theme when you walk into her store in Gustavia, where you’ll find fantastic blouses, ponchos, and so much more.

Vanita Rosa
Facebook: Vanita Rosa
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