Where To Find The Cheesecake Kim Kardashian Flew To Paris For

According to Kim Kardashian, “it’s heaven…”

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When it comes to French pastries, one would think of the classic l’éclair or le millefeuille. But in a recent Vogue podcast, reality star Kim Kardashian revealed that Paris might have perfectly nailed down the American classic dessert: the cheesecake.

Speaking with the podcast host André Leon Talley, Kardashian said:

It’s heaven…last hurrah of all the food that I’m not going to be able to have for a while…it really made my day.

It’s so good that she flew all the way to Paris just to have a taste of her favorite cheesecake in the world. Unfortunately, when she arrived, the restaurant was completely out of her favorite treat, but managed to whip one right up just for her.


So where it this delicious cheesecake? We found out, so you can indulge in bites of tastiness the next time you find yourself in the City of Light.

As it turned out, it was at the chic Hotel Costes located on rue Saint-Honoré, right down the street from the popular concept store Colette.


Hotel Costes is typically known for the young and sophisticated crowd stepping out from sparkling Porsche and Bentleys in the latest designer fashion just to sip on a glass of sparkling champagne in the swanky courtyard terrace.

Apparently, Kardashian isn’t the only one craving for Hotel Costes’ cheesecake. We discovered other travelers have documented their orders on Twitter with one jetsetter explaining in French that Hotel Costes’ cheesecake is close to her top 3 of the best cheesecake ever:

Besides cheesecake at Hotel Costes, Kardashian also said her other obsession is the churros served at Ferdi’s – a Parisian burger joint directly behind the hotel on rue du Mont Thabor.

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