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The beauty of the world and the many places we’ve been inspire the feeling behind our songs.

There’s nothing better than discovering new music that makes you feel good. British & Danish music duo Oceans creates just that—infectious beats inspired in large part by their travels. Their main goal is to give their fans a “soundtrack to the good life,” and they certainly deliver with songs like “Cold Ain’t For Me” and their newest track “Deep Blue.” Wherever you are, let their tropical rhythms and warm melodies transport you to your favourite beach in the world. Now you can get to know the musical talents that make up Oceans, Kiz Singh and Jacob Ubizz, even better by checking out their answers to our questions below!

How have your travels influenced your music?

Hey there guys! Traveling has become a major part of both of our lives and incorporating that into our music and brand has been so important to us. We believe that the beauty of the world and the many different cultures and places we’ve been really inspire the feeling behind our songs. The majority of our music is based on relationships and love, but all of those memories and experiences we are writing about happened on travels. We also want our listeners to make memories to our music when they travel!

The two of you met on the Greek island of Santorini.  What was your favorite memory from your stay on the island?

Santorini is a very special place; almost magical I would say! When I went out there I had a few days to myself before this writing camp we were on was starting. I had just lost a very dear friend who suffered from a heart attack. I figured that some time alone was the right thing for me so I toured the island by quad bike for a few days and gathered my thoughts. When Jacob arrived to the island with the rest of the musicians, we established this really cool connection over the next few days. Writing songs together, further exploring the island and just getting to know one another. Our final day on the island, we had an evening flight, so we got together a group of four and headed out on quad bikes to see some more Santorini. That day was my favourite. There was all of these magical moments, picture stops and breath-taking sights to see. That day for us all was incredibly memorable and fun.

Kiz, since you’re from London, what’s the number one thing you think everyone must do while visiting London?

Oh! This is a tough question because there is SO much to do in my city! As you know, I love to travel, but I also love the UK. If we are talking about LDN and what to do, I would recommend a walking tour. Only because that way you get so see, touch, feel and experience what the city has to offer. It’s a beautiful mix of old and new and it’s so well spread over such a large space. I mean, I have favourite food spots, clubs, bars and hotels, but that is another story. Start with the basics and see the city in all of its glory first!

And Ubizz, what’s your absolute favorite thing to do in Copenhagen?

My favourite thing to do in Copenhagen is probably to go our favourite pizza spot, Armandos. It’s not really in the centre of town but closer to Hellerup. Seriously recommended J. On another note CPH is an incredible place to be in summer, I love the outdoor chilled vibes, Christiania, live music and shows. The meat packing district for its bars and late night parties. I’ve also been showing Kiz around more and more each time he’s here working and he can’t get enough! Any of our fans are welcome to come and hang out with us. CPH is a chilled place to be.

What artists are inspiring you right now?

There is so much good music out there right now, but myself and Jacob are both very open with our music tastes. We listen to many different genres from house to EDM and Hip Hop to alternative. One thing we are always doing is keeping our ears to the Spotify Global 50 though. We always like to hear what people around the world are engaging with most and understand it. That helps inspire the commercial aspect of our records and right now we are loving Astrid S, 6LACK, Sabrina Claudio, Alma & Sean Frank to name a few.

What’s one thing you MUST have with you while traveling?

For me, that is my camera! I take a Sony Alpha A7R pretty much everywhere. It stays in my backpack, currently with a sock as a lens cap, because that flew out during a drive through the mountains recently in Barcelona thanks to a very fast convertible car!

I love to capture images and edit them on the go. I think a photo is such a special creation. It’s magic that we have the technology to capture any moment and keep it forever.

Where’s one place in the world you’ve never been, but can’t wait to visit?

There’s literally a million places we are dying to visit and explore, but that would be Japan! We are hoping to get out there soon to engage with some of our fans but it looks SO incredible! Basically all of our friends who have been there constantly mention how much we would love it. We can’t wait to get in to the food, culture, lifestyle and exploration of such a different part of the world.

Jordyn Asakowicz

Editorial Intern

Jordyn is a college student from California. She is an aspiring writer who fell in love with Italy while living there for a few months. She loves shopping and trying local foods in a new city.

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