5 Must-Do’s In Magical One-Of-A-Kind Sedona

A taste of this special gem in the Wild West.

Sedona is a magical one-of-a-kind destination where the Wild West meets New Age spirituality. To be frank, I thought it was even more beautiful and interesting than the Grand Canyon. Simply driving through the Red Rocks is enough to make you appreciate the rugged, unique landscapes of the United States. But it’s also a site with tons of culture and unique experiences to soak in.

Here are 5 must-do’s in Sedona for you to get a taste of this special gem in the Wild West.

Drive along State Route.

No really, just drive around and around the Red Rocks and that’s enough to get your fill of Sedona. Driving and marveling at the mountains and red rock formations is the best part of Sedona. There’s Interstate 17, 89A and 179, which all offer gorgeous views of the landscape. See how the view changes throughout the day, from morning to mid-afternoon to dusk. And be sure to stop at the many viewpoints along the roads to take photos!

Photo: Nadia Cho

Spend an afternoon at Tlaquepaque Art Village.

Tlaquepaque Art Village is a prime feature of Sedona that you can’t miss. It’s a beautiful complex comprising of contemporary art galleries, artisan shops and lovely restaurants. The buildings are built in charming Spanish colonial style with lots of sunlight and flowers filtering through. One will find gorgeous artworks and goods by contemporary artists from pottery, sculptures, paintings, jewelry and carpets. It’s a pleasure to get lost here and simply roam about the complex so be sure to devote plenty of time to get your art fix!

Photo: Nadia Cho

Shop for crystals.

Sedona isn’t famous for attracting New Age uber-hippies for nothing! And the types of hippies known to inhabit Sedona are the crystal wielding, tarot card reading type. There are lots of shops that offer tons of beautiful crystals of all shapes and colors. There are crystals you can buy to attract any sort of desired energy into your life and trusty experts to help you choose the right ones. I personally liked Sedona Crystal Vortex right on Interstate 89A which had fair prices and lots of crystals with detailed descriptions to shop from.

Photo: Nadia Cho

Do some halotheraphy.

If you really want to get in touch with some New Age spiritual stuff, try Sedona’s famous halotherapy in salt rooms. Halotherapy basically consists of sitting in a room with Himalayan salt crystals and air pumped with salt for 30 minutes to an hour. It also involves soothing dim purple and/or pink lighting and calming music. Apparently breathing in the salt-infused air is great for removing bacteria and inflammation in the respiratory system. Otherwise it’s also just a good setting to meditate and take in the unique spirituality Sedona has to offer.

Take a hike at Red Rock State Park.

Red Rock State Park is a gorgeous park where you can enjoy the best of the outdoors in Sedona. With different hiking trails ranging from easy to moderate, you can scope out beautiful mountain views, plains, rivers and forests. Definitely a must-do if you want to really soak up the breathtaking natural landscapes Sedona has to offer!

Photo: Nadia Cho

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