Edoardo’s: The First Organic Gelateria In Tuscany

Sometimes the best gelaterias are hiding right before your eyes . . .

Gelato in Italy. Something the whole world talks about. Something included on an entire country’s list of “Musts.” We talk about how good the gelato’s going to be, even before we travel abroad. How all of it will taste unlike any rainbow-sprinkled ice cream twist back home. How every single gelato cone will be batter cooked to perfection. How each gelateria is certainly authentic.

Hate to break it to you, but not all gelato in Italy is good. Finding authentic gelato is more difficult than finding the fake stuff. But it can be done!

When I first arrived for my semester studying abroad, I was shocked. All the gelato was heaped up in glass cases, about two feet tall in height. Tourists scrambled inside these establishments yelling sizes and flavors. So many artificial colors, the orange-colored gelato more vibrant than orange highlighters.

The gelato scene was taking a toll on us all.

We had searched and searched.

Until we stepped inside Edoardo’s.

Edoardo il gelato biologico
Duomo reconstruction and good old Edoardo’s. PHOTO Amanda Dettmann

Now, students before us had warned us of Edoardo’s compassion, authenticity, and richness in flavor. We were warned we would become addicted. We even knew where the shop on the corner was right near the Duomo. But all the other gelaterias seemed to call our name those beginning days. They were louder, more popular, and had many diverse flavors.

But there’s something about Edoardo’s that’s undeniable. Edoardo’s means real people with rich stories. Eduoardo’s means real flavor profile with rich undertones. They’re slogan?

It’s good for nature, it’s good for you

Many of my friends and I still keep our Edoardo’s business cards in our wallets. The little red ladybug on the green background makes me completely nostalgic; I immediately crave an Edoardo’s cone with white wine gelato, one of my favorites of all the kinds I taste tested.

Eduardo's Florence
My first Eduardo’s cup while studying abroad. PHOTO Amanda Dettmann

Edoardo’s is a perfect near-midnight snack. Many times we’d go out for a late dinner around 8:00 pm in Florence and wind up at Edoardo’s for dessert. This place became a kind of home while abroad. The staff members greeted us every time we entered, and they always asked if we needed anything (when we couldn’t find napkins or spoons). Many people in Florence are sick of the students abroad, and they have a short patience with people who cannot speak Italian. Edoardo’s allowed me to get better at Italian. I got to practice the pronunciation of flavors while doing so in a timely manner if there were people in line. I had to communicate fast and effectively, and they respectfully critiqued by pronunciations if I said a flavor a little differently than the actual spelling.

The workers at Edoardo’s will become your friends. They will get to know your face and what flavors you like, and they love giving away those little ladybug business cards. From the first time you taste this gelato, there’s no going back. Although we tried gelato from many other places while abroad, something about Edoardo’s keeps your taste buds buzzing.

Eduardo's Florence
Cone in hand after class.Credit Brielle Wheeler. PHOTO Amanda Dettmann

On your last day in Florence, the staff will probably say something like, “I tuoi bagagli sono imballati? Non andare!”—“Are your bags packed? Don’t go!” They’ll give you your last cup or cone of your favorite flavor, and you’ll never want to leave.

That’s the gelato magic of a name like Edoardo’s.

Edoardo’s makes gelato in-house daily, with fresh ingredients. This immediately sets them apart. Now we’ve narrowed it down to all the other Italian gelaterias that do this. But something about Edoardo’s is that they open each tin for each flavor you choose and reseal them, never leaving a flavor open for long to open air access. This means the gelato is extremely fresh and well-preserved.

Eduardo's Florence
Christmas at Eduardo’s. PHOTO Amanda Dettmann

Let’s take a look at Edoardo’s menu

Possible flavors:

  • La Crema (fresh eggs and cream—insane.)
  • Fresh eggs and white wine flavor
  • Cioccolato (chocolate)
  • Stracciatella (vanilla with chocolate chips)
  • Miele e lavanda (honey and lavender)
  • Cannella (cinnamon—a FAVORITE)
  • Cappuccino
  • Pistachio
  • Zucca, cioccolato e amaretti (pumpkin & chocolate)
  • Banana
  • Mango
  • Chianti rosso (red wine)
  • Fico d’India (prickly pear)
  • Nocciola (hazelnut)

This list just includes part of the Edoardo flavor variety. Seasonal flavors are also very common, and the flavors change daily. In my opinion, the simpler the flavor, the better!

Family tradition

Edoardo’s is named after the owners’ son. He even has his own flavor: Gianduia secondo Edoardo. This was actually in my top two flavors! The combination of creamy hazelnut and chocolate gelato is one-of-a-kind. Even grandmothers in the owners’ family have their own unique flavors from their passed down recipes: “Crema di Nonna Rosina” (fresh eggs, mik and sugar) and “Zabajone di Nonna Antonietta” (fresh eggs, milk, sugar, and raisin white wine).

Organic farming

Edoardo’s is the first certified organic gelateria in all of Tuscany! Another reason that sets them apart… Just saying…

Edoardo’s Bio Gelato is FREE of:

  • Additives
  • Dyes
  • Preservatives
  • Adjuvants
  • Chemically synthesized production factors
  • Genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

Edoardo’s is founded on a belief in organic farming and goodness in every bite. None of this watermelon hot pink flavor or color. Most gelatos at Edoardo’s are either white or brown in color due to nuts or cream flavors.

The hens that give Edoardo’s eggs roam in the open air and eat only naturally produced food. The milk comes from cows that roam in pastures and that eat natural forage. On Edoardo’s website they have the EU organic farming logo, which affirms consumers that this gelato is secure in origin and quality, ensuring that Edoardo’s operates under the EU organic farming regulations. Simply put, it’s made with good ingredients. Authentic? You bet.

Eduardo's Florence
Halloween at Eduardo’s. PHOTO Amanda Dettmann

Handmade cones?

You heard it here. Edoardo’s presses every waffle cone by hand in front of customers. I initially got my gelato in a cup, but once you get the waffle cone, you’ll scoff at the idea of a cup every time after that. That’s how fresh the waffle cones are. I can smell them all the way from New York . . . Mmmm . . .


Yep. If you don’t like gelato, the sorbet ranges widely in flavors such as peach, apricot, pear, etc. It’s just as delicious if not more!


Edoardo’s is on the corner near the backside of the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore. Once you’re inside Edoardo’s and look up, the Duomo will be right there. Because the inside of Edoardo’s is very small, a lot of times people get their gelato and sit outside on a stone bench with the jaw-dropping architectural view Brunelleschi constructed.


A travel into the past. You’re greeted by old walnut furniture, wooden counters with vintage chests and drawers, retro staff clothing, and big ice cream metal tins. The décor also changes based on the time of year. We saw pumpkin decorations near Halloween and snowflake/angel décor in December near Christmas.

Amanda Dettmann


Amanda is an avid traveler who calls Maine her home, but her favorite places include Amsterdam's Christmas markets and Shakespeare's Globe in London. She is passionate about poetry, theatre, and teaching writing to kids and adults with disabilities. She thinks the best part of traveling is hearing strangers' incredible stories. Her ultimate mission? To find the tastiest cappuccino in the world.

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